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Me 109 / FW 190 tail wheel?

Article about: probably the company logo and tensile strenght of the bolts. it will be a job to trace it to any luftwaffe equipement.

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    Default Me 109 / FW 190 tail wheel?

    I'll ask here as well...

    Hey Guys,

    Is this an original WW2 tail wheel?

    "Continental 380 x 150 SPORN" marking, etc. - and if yes, what's the current market value?

    THX in advance!


    Me 109 / FW 190 tail wheel?Me 109 / FW 190 tail wheel?

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    the tyrelooks okbut not the hub.

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    THX - I was offered this for 90 EU - but if the hub is not original, then I might pass...'thou the rubber looks nice.

    Does anyone know what kind a hub is this one have?

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    the seller made me a decent offer, so I did get this wheel after all - the hub (as suspected) is not a ME109 hub, but has a good chance to be WW2 original Luftwaffe "container / ground crew-tool vehicle" hub - or so the story goes...I buy the story for now, will look for markings, etc. when it arrives.


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    Here's a list of tailwheel tyre sizes for Luftwaffe aircraft. It's too big for a 109 or 190 and is for a heavier aircraft. The Junkers Ju87 D/G models both used this size however as is shown below.

    Junkers Ju88 (&188/388 ) - 200x560
    Heinkel He111H/P - 180x500
    Messerschmitt Bf110D-G - 165x465
    Junkers Ju87A - 110x290
    Junkers Ju87B - 135x350
    Junkers Ju87D/G - 150x380
    Messerschmitt Bf109B-D - 85x260
    Messerschmitt Bf109E-G-1 - 110x290
    Messerschmitt Bf109 some G-2 & G-3 on - 135x350
    Focke-Wulf Fw190V1 & 2 - 105x220
    Focke-Wulf Fw190 V3 on - 150x380
    Siebel Si204 - 150x380
    Junkers Ju52 - 180x500

    As can be seen, the hub is spurious, but these tyres were utilised on all sorts of things after the war. I know of the tailwheel from a 109 being used on a wheelbarrow in Hampshire for years until rescued by a museum.

    Me 109 / FW 190 tail wheel?

    Regards, Ned.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that whilst the Fw 190 V3 had the same size tailwheel, it was a prototype and abandoned without going into production. The Hungarian Air Force operated 6 Siebel Si 204's after the war for around 2 years, so that's a slim possibility too.
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    Thank you Ned for the info!

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    The wheel arrived today - looking good, nice condition, just some minor hairline cracks here and there.
    Here are all the markings:

    380 x 150 SPORN
    8-8105 C
    631 18 66 4BH

    The hub looks like it's been installed a long time - possibly since the war. I found some markings on the 4 screws:

    Here are some quick shots:
    Me 109 / FW 190 tail wheel?Me 109 / FW 190 tail wheel?Me 109 / FW 190 tail wheel?Me 109 / FW 190 tail wheel?Me 109 / FW 190 tail wheel?
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    What a fine example! Congrats!

    From Ned's lists of wheel sizes, Ju-87 D/G would be the highest possibility.

    I think it's 36 after RIBE.


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    Thanks Taka! I've edited my post to 36.

    I wonder, from these markings and manufac. numbers, is it possible to know; which year was it manufactured?

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    Your' re welcome, Fabe.

    What's the numbers from the bottom of photo #4 ? I can see something 58.


    O, never mind. I saw them in photo # 1.

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