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My little collection of panzer parts

Article about: Here's my wee collection. Battle damaged Panther wheel and 3 Panther tracks, I do have 4 pins for them. Tiger 1 steel wheel and 3 Tiger 1 tracks also with 4 pins. A set of Kingtiger tracks a

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    That's a really imaginative way to display the parts you have.

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    That is a fantastic way of displaying the tank tracks mate, a really imaginative idea.

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    Very imaginative display frame, really shows off the tracks.

    Any up to date pictures?

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    Great collection of Tiger and Panther items. I would love to pick up a tiger track one day.

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    Sorry for the way late reply the devil's bank, hardly get on here. Here are a few I'm currently working on. I just have to laser cut and make up the teeth for the tiger 1 stand, the insignia is hand painted on 5mm steel. I was unhappy with the panther display so changed it for two tracks only and I'm going to sand blast and paint the panther wheel at some point. I've made a stand and half way through an artillery box for the shell rounds. I've also picked up some panzer badges a tombak bronze and sliver and the idea is to make a display case with them and my EK 1&2 that will go within the steel wheel on the kingtiger display stand. Can't rush these things though ;-)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My little collection of panzer parts   My little collection of panzer parts  

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    Very impressive, I’m jealous. Would love a Tiger part one day.

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