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Pskov Stug.How it is now!

Article about: Prepare yourself for a sad sight.Afer being so well preserved since it broke ice and overturned in a swamp over 60 year's ago the Stug III is now rusting in a dank Russian parkWhat can i say

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    Quote by AMTG View Post
    I think that story is a furphy
    The story I heard from the people at the Bandiana army museum in Albury NSW is that many axis vehicles ( both hard and soft skin ) that were captured in North Africa were shipped back to the Puckapunyal army camp testing grounds at Seymour Victoria for ballistics testing.
    Most DID NOT survive ....... the "tiger" could very well be a Panzer III and be quite damaged I was told.
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    A Mk IV 'Special' with the long barrel L/43 75mm would more closely resemble the Tiger, especially the hull-Tigers in vaguely usable condition were rare finds early on, no reason to send one all the way to Oz given the lack of facilities here for specialist evaluation and the low priority 'modern' armour had for the local war effort (we were the last operational users of the Matilda II, against the Japs in July 1945, for example).

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