First post from me - and it's a repost of a question I asked over at Wehrmacht-Awards. Hope that's ok, I just want to reach out to a wider knowledge base.

I have a question about a particular kind of track link. There's a very good picture of them on the Panzerwerfer 42 in the Saumur museum on this page:

Panzerwerfer 42 auf. Opel Maultier

and it's the last picture in reply no.3. Note the raised chevrons. The vehicle at Saumur actually has this track on the right and a more usual type on the left, as can just about be seen in a couple of other photos on the same page.

I have only ever seen this particular link on a couple of pictures of Panzerwerfer 42. Is it particular to this vehicle only? I assume that it's a special winter track?

Does anyone have photos of this track on any other vehicle?