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Sd. Kfz. 251 Wheels

Article about: seems it's "relic-day" day for me... One more question: Can you guys confirm for a fact, that these are "NSU Kettenkrad HK 101 SdKfz 2" wheels? Or maybe another S

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    Hi and thx for a reply...
    Well, I ended up buying all 3 wheels - I was planning to get just 2 (a pair), but for this price I couldn't leave the 3rd one. (I'll experiment cleaning methods on that one, without its' pair)

    The pair I got (see first post here) a few days ago will be picked up tomorrow morning by car - those might have a better looking steel parts, but these have more rubber - go figure...

    I'll update tomorrow, maybe with more photos.

    I'll also need original spacers for these - don't have the slightest clue where to find any...


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    Well done for saving a piece of history.

    I know what you mean about some having better parts, mine are like that.

    I do not think you will find any original spacers, unless you find a damaged complete set of wheels, you will also need a centre tube that contained the bearings and hub cap. The tube was, I think welded to both wheels.

    A friend on another forum has a complete wheel set and is going to measure the spacers and tube for me, so I may be able to make repro. ones to fit to my wheels. If you are interested let me know and I will contact you when I am in a position to make some.

    If at any time you feel like selling any of your wheels let me know I would be interested in buying. Also when you have finished experimenting with the 3rd one and if you don't want it I will buy it off you in the condition you leave it.


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    THX, yeah, do let me know about possible repro spacers...

    Can't say if I'll sell these - like a lot of you here, I'm not interested in money ( if I did, I wouldn't be a collector of "old junk" ), but I promise you, if anything does happen' or if I see more of these, I'll inform you.

    I also promise that I won't sand-blast these and re-paint them to be fake camo items

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    I just got home with the pair of Sd.Kfz. 251 wheels - see the first post of this thread... True pieces of history in my kitchen.

    I was going to wirte a "good news - bad news" list - but happy to say; not much bad to write about them thankfully.

    I took some quick photos - here is some info, now that I have them:

    - They were underground until recently (so they were not used as cart wheels post war, like the next 3 wheels arriving next week), recovered in Hungary in Szászhalombatta (about 20-25 km south-west of Budapest). Most likely, this "251" was destroyed during "OPERATION KONRAD":

    "Operation Konrad I was launched on 1 January, 1945. The German IV SS Panzer Corps attacked from Tata through hilly terrain north of Budapest in an effort to break the siege. Simultaneously, Waffen-SS forces struck from the west of Budapest in an effort to gain a tactical advantage. On 3 January, the Soviet command sent four more divisions to meet the threat. This Soviet action stopped the offensive near Bicske, less than 20 kilometers west of Budapest. The Germans were forced to withdraw on 12 January.

    They then launched Operation Konrad II on 7 January. The IV SS Panzer Corps attacked from Esztergom towards Budapest Airport. They tried to capture it in order to improve supplying the city by air. This offensive was halted near the airport.

    On 17 January, Operation Konrad III was launched. The IV SS Panzer Corps and the III Panzer Corps attacked from the south of Budapest and attempted to encircle ten Soviet divisions. This encirclement attempt failed."

    The seller told me that they also found some links (about 2 m long, but the main large metal parts were collected right after the war by farmers, etc. and were melted in.

    - All 4 bearings are intact - and in brand new condition with German markings - see photos. They still work flawlessly, factory grease still present.
    I took one out (only this one can be taken out) for photo evidence - markings are:

    "4+" and a letter: "V"
    "49046" and "38"

    The other wheel's bearing (from the 2) has a marking of:


    I didn't really look at the others yet...

    (My guess that the "38" and "41" numbers are production dates.)

    - The wheels are in "untouched" condition. Have not been cleaned at all - I just vaccumed out a few spiders and dirt from the wheels, so I can actually bring them inside my flat.
    Original paint is present on both. Factory sand/yellow and top of that is darker gray - which is flaking off - but the yellow is there to stay. The inside part of the wheels are in better condition (the sides that were facing in - not the side that was visible most of the time), only have thin layer of rust on them. The side that was facing outward, looks more salty, but paint is present there is well, probably not as much 'thou.

    I'll clean them mannually (and carefully) with wet sandpaper, just to bring out the paint colors - this will be my "project" this summer...

    The rubber all around is worn off, but still there...but at least they were worn off in battle!

    Overall, very happy with this pair - looking forward the other 3 wheels - 'thou they look rustier, but with better quality rubber.

    'Will update again later...


    Sd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 Wheels
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    just a minor update:
    I've found markings on one of the rubber tube:

    "Nr. 149"
    "575/48 510"
    "12 43" (maybe manufac. date?)
    and in a circle: "B" and under it: "B" and "1" or "4" (?)
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    Can this thread me moved here please?:

    with a thread title:

    Sd. Kfz. 251 Wheels

    Thanks in advance!


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    The other 3 wheels arrived today - those were used post-war as a 4 wheeled cart - unfortunately, someone bought the 4th wheel, just before I got them...

    Well, as I could tell on the pics - they are "salty" looking, more rust, etc. compared to the other 2 wheels I got last week...but...I took one of them and just gave it a plain water rinse with the shower and just slightly scruffed a small part of it with wet sand-paper...and to my surprise, yellow / sand factory paint is showing through(!)
    I didn't check the rubber tubes yet, but they are in OK condition...

    I won't clean these 'till a few weeks, first I'll do the other 2 wheels, and yes, these will be more work, but I find it hard to belive that under all that rust and mud, there is original factory paint and not too bad looking metal parts.

    In my next post, I'll show you guys on a military map, where these 5 wheels were recovered...


    See pics...

    The "before" photo of the wheels:
    Sd. Kfz. 251 Wheels

    After a water-rinse and some minor wet-sanding on the upper part of the wheel:
    Sd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 Wheels

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    23 Euro! Nice

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    Hi Fabe

    This is my latest wheel, it is one of the outer singles. It has some original paint and a post war axle mount that I am removing, has all the usual markings on the rubber tyre.


    Sd. Kfz. 251 Wheels

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