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Sd. Kfz. 251 Wheels

Article about: seems it's "relic-day" day for me... One more question: Can you guys confirm for a fact, that these are "NSU Kettenkrad HK 101 SdKfz 2" wheels? Or maybe another S

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    Hey Guys,

    I'll be a bit OFF, but I don't want to open a new thread just for this...

    I got this Stalingrad relic just today (mostly by accident, as I was bored over at the German ebay, and saw this with no bids) - not quite sure what this is - looks nice and heavy thou'

    Also, is in good condition for a relic - especially from an area with so much "history" behind it - only some minor rusting (not too deep), mostly artificial rust, plenty of paint (looks like panzer grau) and some yellowish-green sprayed paint (maybe camo?) with the markins of: "15 cm Gr 18".
    I think it has probably has something to do a 15cm 18k canon - but I'm not sure if this is a part of the canon itself, or maybe something for the ammo (?)

    So if anyone could tell me what this is, I'll go do some research...

    THX in advance!


    PS: It's being shipped from Volgograd, so at least 3-4 weeks until I receive it - I will only do a dash of cleaning on this one - mostly just a quick shower in the bath...I'll update when it arrives.

    Sd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 Wheels

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    This is part of the shipping crate. The end of the shell fits into it. The same basic design was used in various carriers. I have a few I picked up (literally) in the South of France.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Hi Fabe

    It sits in the bottom of the shell container, both metal and wood. The shell with fuze attached goes in the container fuze pointing down, the fuse sits in the support which stops it hitting the bottom.

    I hope I have explained it so you can understand and yes it is for a 15cm field gun.

    I have attached a couple of pictures of a 10.5cm one .

    Sd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 Wheels

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    Thank you guys for the info!

    Here is an archive photo...

    Sd. Kfz. 251 Wheels
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    As others have said, not rare but still a nice piece to have. I believe ( others here may know more than me ) that yellow paint was used to identify HE ( Sprenggranate ) shells, normal for a 15cm shell.

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    THX, yeah, you're right...the yellow is ID color, not camo.
    I think that the fact is, that it was dug up in "Stalingrad", gives it an extra touch - this is my second "Staligrad relic" - 'will probably make display just for them one day.

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    Hey guys - sorry I'm OFF again, but I just have one question, probably not worth a whole thread...

    Remember when I showed the T-34 tank link I got?
    see pics again:
    Sd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 Wheels
    (btw., I've cleaned this one since these pics were taken, I'll take new ones)

    OK...yesterday, I found another link, actually the kind that has that "spike" in the middle - these were rotating on the chain. Same good condition - just minor rusting - anyway, this link also came with this "latch" (?) - see pics:
    Sd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 Wheels

    My question...what vehicle had this latch, and what was the purpose of it? maybe a T34?

    THX in advanced!


    PS: Now I just need to find an original T34 pin to attach these 2 links

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    Default SdKfz 251 Wheel & Spacer

    Hi Guys

    Latest addition too the wheel collection, another inner single with spacer attached. More rusty than the last one, but rubber tyre in better condition.

    The maker is qmj which I do not know. If anyone does please let me know.

    Sd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 Wheels

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    Very cool - anytime I see rust like that, I get the urge to get out some wet sandpaper


    I have another question - I guess noone knew what vehicle that "latch-cover-door-thing" belongs to in my last post...(?) I kind of gave up.

    So, I saw some single wheels - with holes like these - are these all "factory drilled" holes? I know that front wheels had 6 holes, back wheels 12 - these have 8 holes - 4 "normal" holes and 4 slightly smaller holes, looking all uniformed on both wheels.
    Now, if the smaller holes are post-war, does that mean that they were front wheels with only 4 holes/screws?

    I know, stupid question...


    Sd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 WheelsSd. Kfz. 251 Wheels

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    Hi Fabe

    I have also wondered about the holes on the wheels. The war time holes should be 10.5mm, post war I do not know as I do not have a wheel with extra holes. If the post war holes are smaller the original ones may have been used with the right sized bolt or smaller and the extra drilled to fit a hub and axle.

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