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StuG III Part

Article about: Hi Guys Thought I would share with you my first ever panzer part. It is the sight cover on the roof near the cupola, the arm that attaches to the sight is a little bent.

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    Hi Guys

    Over the last few weeks I have made a start on restoring the gun sight roof armour.

    I now have the centre piece in red primer and straightened the link arm to the sight. Also made a start on stripping down the larger of the other two pieces, latches have been removed and holes drilled and tapped for the guide rail top.

    Hope to put it on a mount and display it when finished.

    StuG III PartStuG III PartStuG III PartStuG III Part

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    Hi Richard,

    It's looking great, I for one am looking forward to seeing it when your finished
    and it's ready for display.


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    Default StuG III Ausf G Roof Armour

    Hi Guys

    Managed to get a bit more work done this morning.

    The top of the second section have been cleaned and painted in red primer, also I fitted the replacement guide rail top section. Next job is to clean the bottom and refit the catches.

    StuG III PartStuG III PartStuG III Part

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    It's coming along very nicely.
    Not everyone can say they spent the bank holiday painting
    the roof armour of a WW2 StuG.
    Top banana!


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    Thanks for the comments Jonathan.

    Yes it is coming along nicely, I am very pleased with it.


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    Hi Guys

    Done some more work this morning on the 2nd piece of armour.

    Managed to clean and red prime the bottom, also refitted the catches and matched it to the 1st piece to see how it looked. If I do say so myself it looks very nice, be even better when painted.

    The 3rd part will need a lot more work than the other two.

    StuG III PartStuG III PartStuG III Part

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    It's getting better by the minute Richard.
    How long to you think it will take to complete it?


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    Hi Jonathan

    Hope to have it finished by the end of the summer, to put a date on it I would say end of August.

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    Got the 3rd plate finished today, now all 3 are in red primer.

    Just need a little spare time and good weather to paint the top in Sand and inside in Ivory.

    StuG III PartStuG III PartStuG III PartStuG III Part

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    Default StuG Armour

    Hi Guys

    Got some Ral1014, Ivory paint, in the post earlier this week.

    So made a start on painting the interior of the armour today, as I got home from work early and the weather was good. Only one piece done.

    StuG III PartStuG III Part

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