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Swaz Radiator Cap

Article about: Got a clue what this one is for? Doug

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    Default Swaz Radiator Cap

    Got a clue what this one is for? Doug
    Attached Images Attached Images Swaz Radiator Cap Swaz Radiator Cap 

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    WHJ = we Hate jews? j/k
    ...this cap was just recently discussed here earlier. I don't believe that they ever came to a definitive conclusion about it.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    This one:

    Vehicle hood ornament swastika

    And I'm with the group that recons it's a 1920's
    'good luck' symbol, rather that TR related.
    Anyone's guess.........


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    Here is a interesting website talking about the Use of swastika in American manufacturing industry

    >> Use of swastika in American manufacturing industry

    Not to sure why a radiator cap would have a hole drilled to fit a small screw in the first place , radiator caps are for sealing under pressure .

    Swaz Radiator Cap

    I think the swasika was originally on a different item .

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