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Tank Found

Article about: Hi guys, One friend of mine found a tank in Macedonia. I really don't know what kind of tank is this. Can someone tell me what kind of tank is this and if it is interesting I will go there a

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    Hi guys,

    One friend of mine found a tank in Macedonia. I really don't know what kind of tank is this. Can someone tell me what kind of tank is this and if it is interesting I will go there and I will make some more diging. ))
    Best Regards from Macedonia ))

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    Hi and welcome to the forum

    It's a Sherman tank from WW2, used by the Allies it great numbers.


    Steve T

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    Hey there and welcome,

    In addition to beeing used in WW 2, the Sherman was also used by the Yugoslav National Army right up til the break up in early 90's and in the many wars of indepedence.
    I belive the tanks were part of some military aid programme immediately after WW2.
    "Macedonia" (or "FYROM") has undoubtebly had a lot of ex-Yugoslav military hardware.

    I look foward to see more pics or hear stories from any future visits.

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    As has been said those are the remains of an M4 Sherman, there were lots of types, with different guns, engines etc, but I think (and I'm by no means an expert) that one would've been an M4A3 with a 75mm main gun. Shermans of different types were used by just about everyone on the Allied side in World War II (the U.S., Canada, U.K., U.S.S.R., Yugoslavia, Free French, Free Polish etc etc) and a few captured ones would even have made their way into the hands of German and other Axis forces. (some pictures exist of Shermans in German hands with enormous Wehrmacht markings on almost every useable surface to avoid being attacked by their own side in mistaken identity.)

    After the war Shermans were sold to various countries who hadn't had them previously, and were retained in service by lots of countries who had used them, so that by the 1990s there were still Shermans serving alongside Soviet-made vehicles in the wars in the former Yugoslavia, amongst other places. Unfortunately I suppose that might make it hard to identify who owned that tank last and how or when it got there. Having said that I suppose if you could find out which forces had been operating in that particular area at different times, and could see whether the tank has the remains of any markings on it still, that might help identify its previous owners!

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    Thanks guys if I have chance I will visit this beauty and I will take more pictures.

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    Looks like a job for eddy8men...
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    i was just thinking the same thing !!!

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