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Tiger 1 tracks

Article about: I can confirm successfully buying parts from said Janis. SF.

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    Default Tiger 1 tracks

    Hi every one. Here are some pictures of my Tiger 1 tracks. The top two are marked CKC and the third has no marks. My question is was there a few makers of these tracks? The bottom track in the photo taken above it can be seen that there is a cast difference to the other two and that leads to the question of a few makers? The bottom one is in awesome condition on the cleats with very little wear on the horns.
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    Yes, there were many different foundries casting links. CKC is Deutsche Eisenwerke AG, based in Muhlheim. My own Tiger link has no manufacturer code discernable in the casting.

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    Ah thank you for that. I thought it a little strange to change the casting, I thought along the lines of trying to make it look different like they aren't all made in the same place to draw attention away from the bombings of the factory, I think I did read something like that with Thale ET helmets changing to CKL stampings.

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    How long is a single track?

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    Hey WillC. They are 728mm Long and 180mm wide. I have no idea of the weight but would put them around 25 maybe 30kg each. Just a warning to anyone dealing in these from Latvia there is one trader Janis that has ripped me off for a second link pin with many excuses I can back with emails, I have had no problems with the others in fact I recommend all but this man, feed back means everything and I don't want to see any fellow collectors burnt.

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    Thanks for the info and the info about buying these. Im going on a trip to Normnady in June and I hope that I can find alot of ww2 german stuff there.

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    Rob who deals in these links ?? do you have any emails addresses?? if you would like you can ping me an PM!! Thanks a lot Terry.

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    Terry, go to ebay and search on "militaria track links". Personally, I have bought many links through jevgenijss (the guy who displays his links on the red backcloth) and although expensive he has always provided excellent service and he is a well known and respected digger. The pictures of his backyard would make you weep.

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    Ok thanks for that Steve I will look at that now.. See what turns up? I think it would be good for the War Room to have a link in there good for display purposes...So thank you again for your time. Cheers Terry.

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    Yes jevgenijss or Kurlander69 and Kurlander71, these guys are awesome. jonis77janis is the one that ripped me off with a track pin. He kept offering other parts more or less to push time that he would get no negative feedback. 1 3/4 months to say the sandblasters fixed it and he'll post it, more like they lost it and this guy is not honest. That was the last I heard from him and still no track pin. I've since got one now coming from Kurlander69. Please guys avoid jonis77janis he is not honest and I don't want to see other collectors taken for a ride. Hopefully you turn up some great stuff WillC =)

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