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Tiger 131 & Fury

Article about: Today in Bovington

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    Default Tiger 131 & Fury

    Today in Bovington

    Tiger 131 & Fury

    Tiger 131 & Fury

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    great pics, here's a couple i found on the net, first show's tank in Tunis with king George 6th, second in horse guard's parade London. it seem's to have the British 1st army divisional sign added to it !,
    cheer's, John.

    Tiger 131 & FuryTiger 131 & Fury

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    Is it in a different colour scheme? Saw it at Bovington a few years ago

    Just had a thought actually, never occurred to me before, is the 88mm deactivated??

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    no help i know, but my dad served in 1St army, they were raised for operation torch, the anglo american invasion of N.Africa, after the axis surrender they became part of 8th army for the invasion of Sicily and mainland Italy.

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    I would not think that they would destroy the 8.8cm gun. Probably disable the firing mechanism. I am sure that it could be operational. Where are they going to find the ammo? Little scarce these days.

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    Looks like a great day....131 must be the only Tiger disabled from the front by a Brit 6 pounder....'lucky shot I guess. It is indeed an impressive and iconic tank....but there are a lot rarer ones which haven't had the investment 131 has had. Thanks for sharing

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    As far as the film FURY is concerned I asked my uncle, who served in the army in WW2 about the film. He liked it. He said..." You know those soldiers in the film, crouching behind the Sherman, dodging the green German tracer rounds? I was one of those guys." He served at the Bulge, in the Hurtgen and was one of the first Allied soldiers to walk through the front gates of Buchenwald.

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    At my first full time job out of High school, my boss was a ww2 vet. He drove a Sherman
    at the Bulge. He had a tank destroyed by a 88. He said the scary part was that you could
    the projectile coming. He was lucky, it just destroyed the undercarrige and he and his crew
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

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