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Tiger I

Article about: Where are these underwater photos as ' proof' you were going to post. SF.

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    Where are these underwater photos as ' proof' you were going to post.


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    I think i would be right in saying......................those of us with a keen interest in Tiger are waiting with much eagerness to see you find and the photos promised.

    Perhaps you already have the Partner.

    Please update us.


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    Sounds v exciting, but i would want it in the uk and not sat in a museum...

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    The silence is deafening.

    Sitrep would be good.

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    Quote by tom080 View Post
    Looking sponsor and buyer for Tiger 1. It´s on swamp and in one piece. Looking for serius partners only. Maybe to make same kind of movie for pulling it out aso.

    i do not want any pre payments or so. only serius partner.

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    If this is a dead duck then perhaps it should be removed.

    If not, give us an update.


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    It would be interesting if matilda 2 or valentine as opposed to the mythical tiger. Jack littlefield was once asked what he would pay for a tiger, and it was a nod and a wink...they are too valuable for jack jones to organise a heist like that without 'help' from some friendly eastern gangsters, which wouldn,t end well.

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    Not sure how we get to Matilda and Valentine. This thread is about the discovery of an alleged Tiger.

    We were promised photos.............nothing has materialised and the relevant person is continuously silent.

    Why ?


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    Yes i know, but its always a tiger! Russians had lend lease matildas and valentines, which would be a little bit more plausible.

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