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Tiger I

Article about: Where are these underwater photos as ' proof' you were going to post. SF.

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    How much can an underwater camera see in a swamp? Mud and Frogs?

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    He might have been told to keep quiet about it now,

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    I doubt it. Sounds fishy to me.

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    You know thinking this over, this reminds me!! I have some ocean-front property in Airzona, from the front porch you can see the sea. Anyone wanna be my "partner"? Just PM me!

    P.S If you buy that I'll throw in the golden Tiger for free.

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    Humour makes us all laugh, but it would be good to put this one to bed once and for all.............or not.


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    Sorry nomis, I can see how badly you wat to see the pictures. I totally understand, sorry for the jokes. He really should atleast let us know he will no longer be posting any photos.

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    Is this one definately a 'dead-duck' now.

    Recently heard there has been a Tiger removed from a bog...............but no info, no photos, nothing else to go on.

    Anyone heard of such an event recently.


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    Tiger 'build' finished by Hoebig going to Munster for a few years, then maybe have mechanicals fitted when owner gets it back to make it a runner.

    Any of this news today make our mystery salvager feel like sharing his news ?


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