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Vehicle hood ornament swastika

Article about: I acquired the item in the photos and I am wondering what it is. Looks like a hood ornament but not sure. Also wondering what the letters standfor on the swastika. Any help would be apprecia

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    I have to admit, that my first impression was TR era, but the WHJ lettering is throwing me off as well. Many of the "good luck" signs were of the static version Swastika, but, of course, this is not a set in stone rule either, although the "mobile" Swastika quickly vanished after 1945 for apparent reasons. Being an exposed car hood ornament, it seems to show appropriate age to at Least the 30's-but it could just as easily be the 20's as well. I'm thinking until the mystery of the WHJ lettering is deciphered, it may remain a puzzle.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Well I guess I have a neat something maybe from WWII and maybe not. Thanks to all

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    I would agree with Hummel that it is from the 1920s. I think that late 1920s or very early 30s is most likely. The cap that it is attached to looks to be chromium plated - that process was introduced in the second half of the 1920s but only started to become common at the end of the decade. Before that nickle plating was usual. (see History of Chromium Plating : Products Finishing). After 1933-4 the use of swastika as a good luck symbol fades for obvious reasons.

    A link to the Heer is unlikely - they didn't use such things and it wasn't their symbol.


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