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What vehicle is this, please help!

Article about: Need Your help once more gentlemen. What vehicle is this. The picture probably is from (Hanko, Finland) august/september 1944 (Division Greif). Sry for the poor picture quality :/. Annoyed f

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    Yes it is a kettenkrad, have attached a couple of pictures of mine that I am rebuilding. Not all the parts are original a lot are reproduction.

    Still a long way to go before it will hopefully run.

    What vehicle is this, please help!What vehicle is this, please help!

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    as stated kettenkrad.

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    Quote by Jan View Post
    Kettenkrad yes, cant be anything else can it?


    I agree, it couldn't be anything else, if you look closely I believe you can see the right arm of the driver resting on the handlebar!



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    Kettenkrad, it would be awesome to have one of those to drive around town in. So, Granatwerfer, how long have you been working on yours?

    "Currently looking for period items relating to the German city of Amberg."

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    Hi Hummel

    It is 10 years since I started, it all boils down to time and money, mainly money. Reproduction parts are nearly as a costly as originals. Managed to get the engine in this summer.

    No time scale for when it will be finished.

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    Definitely a Kettenkrad. These are RSO's. Stewy
    Attached Images Attached Images What vehicle is this, please help! 

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    Kiitos Jan. Sorry the scan of my pic isn't better. I'll try & get a better one. I've got a Wehrpass to an RSO driver (posted on the forum). Regards, Stewy

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    GW, WOW!!! good luck on rebuilding your Krad!!!!

    Looks Great so far!!

    Dean O

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