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World War 2 enthusiast Brad Pitt splashes out 250,000 on German WW2 motorbike

Article about: Name: Brad-Pitt (1).jpg  Views: 0  Size: 32.7 KB  ID: 883003 class= thumbnail style= float:CONFIG /> Brad Pitt has expanded his bike collection by splashing out 250k on a rar

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    No, no, no. Honestly, German WW2 bikes have gone up in value recently thanks to Mr Pitt. 250k is more than reasonable.

    Bigsie (on behalf of all BMW/Zundapp/DKW/NSU owners everywhere)

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    As with most things in life things are worth what people will pay,, good luck to Mr Pitt,, as for the movie well i found it ok ive seen worse, it may well inspire him to make another and lets be honest modern ww2 movies are not high on most directors agenda.

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