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Iraqi militaria prices have gone up dramatically!!

    It seems that the dealers in Irag have brought the prices up dramatically on Iraqi Militaria!! Collectors were paying lots of money for pieces that had no value of the money they paid for the relic. Now that all the good Iraqi Military relics are popping up they want $1000.00 more then what the Relic is worth. Life is to short and I would like to buy more for my collection, it is going to be a long wait until the dealers in Iraq decide to Drop their prices bucause their Military relics are not selling. I have seen some very good pieces that are setting in shops in Baghdad, Iraq that have been sitting there for the last 3 years. The will be sitting there for a longer time if the prices don't drop. I understand that the true value is what the highest paying collector is willing to pay for it. But you know there is a difference between selling prices to the sellers Fantasy prices to make a buck!!

    What do you all think about this I would love to hear from you.
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