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1920's Cavalry visor

Article about: A Cavalry visor from the 1920's new to the collection. . .

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    Default Re: 1920's Cavalry visor

    Quote by Dimas View Post
    Richie, here is my points:
    2 Original star , great for 30's caps, but in condition not for this early cap.
    3 Visor is original, but they was found in a big quantity in unpainted condition in the ex-8 MAPTA factory's attic

    4 The sweatband prodused with that kind of relief found in original caps dated from 1928 year

    Probably a rework of a good and moth eaten cap
    2- Then why are most, if not all fake early and M27 caps adorned with this star? I have been told by a few Russian collectors that these stars are newly made to copy the real, and rare, M22 "fat-armed" star. They are cast , not stamped like the originals - Hence the reason that they are so thick... As a matter of fact, Dave Webster was given about 50 pieces of these as a "souvenir" the last time he visited Russia, and was told by the "giver" that this was the case. However, these are only words...

    3- Of course, it is entirely possible that the visor (itself) is original and sourced from the 8 MAPTA factory's attic. But I feel that on THIS example, it has been is artificially aged to further enhance this farce.

    4- Again, this brown sweatband is a common attribute in fake caps, including the M35s that are out there that are (fake) dated 1940 and later.

    In any case, these are only my (intense ) opinions and I have been proven 100% wrong more often than not...
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    Default Re: 1920's Cavalry visor

    Richie, you are right the comparision of all we are spoke about is making the item close to fake;
    But star is good. About that hat- sweatband of that type practically used on the 35's caps, blue cloth is not good, the star is not good for that kind of caps. the visor-good, but attached due of condition, and not lacqued,. to fresh, but I can't make a decission. Stamps as must be there. And feeling, I would say not good.....................

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    Soviet and German 1900-1920's era visors appeared to typically use brown stiff artificial leather sweatbands. The sweatbands of Soviet M1928 visors , and later, appear to be constructed of cloth (cotton and burlap), and also the softer black and gray artifical leather. I posted pictures from caps listed on the "Under the Red Star" website.

    1920's Cavalry visor1920's Cavalry visor

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