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British "OPFOR" Opposing Forces Helmet

Article about: Just to post up this Soviet style cold war period OPFOR helmet used by the British army for military exercise training and made of plastic material with a basic hard hat style cradle

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    Dyed DPM or a specifically made bit of kit??.....looks like a Mk7 cover for starters......which now means we’ve got another bloody cover to hunt down! Aggggghhh!!!!!

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    Hi its specifically made with NSN on labels , was made due to DPM and Desert DPM no longer being made so needed something else for the Bad guys to wear

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    Really great to see the Warsaw Pact OPFOR on exercise Mixer ,I wonder what helmets they procured or maybe as in the West manufactured for such activities ,either way it looks to be styled on the US M1 so maybe a heavily scrimmed liner perhaps but hard to say for certain ,i wonder if there are any examples out there in the hands of collectors and if so would love to see an example or two , the Uniforms look interesting as one at least looks to be an Ameoba pattern of some sort which i find very interesting and just a shame it's a non colourised picture .Many thanks for sharing depending on how you see it and what is for me as a resident of the UK a very seldom seen picture from the Opposing sides point of view .One thing for sure from the West's and East's point of view is the the enemy was seen not as Nato or the Warsaw Pact but purely between The United States and the Soviets and to think there was a defining line ( Cardinal Points ) between the East and West during the Cold War period especially when you think modern day Poland is classed more Central Europe now since the break up of the Union
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    IMHO: they used Polish helmets Vz 67 or Vz 75. The effect of the similarity of geometry with the American helmet M-1 shows a stretched camouflage net. For the 6th Pomeranian Airborne Division such helmets were attached property. Polish paratroopers wore other helmets - Vz 63.
    British "OPFOR" Opposing Forces Helmet British "OPFOR" Opposing Forces Helmet
    British "OPFOR" Opposing Forces Helmet British "OPFOR" Opposing Forces Helmet
    As for the uniform - judging by the appearance and design, it is an ordinary Polish airborne troopers field military uniform ("Ubiór Skoczka"/"UeS"/"US" in Vz 68 "Moro" camouflage) with a applied camouflage spots. Very likely - handmade.
    British "OPFOR" Opposing Forces Helmet

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    Mixer that makes perfect sense ,Many thanks for the explanation to the helmets and uniforms and for sharing some superb reference pictures of which i have never seen before
    Regards James

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