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My Cap Star Collection So Far

Article about: Hi, took some pics of my Caps stars I found so far. 2 of them are from a friend in Estonia. and also what started me looking for more of these stars all the time. These stars are VERY tricky

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    Hi Ade, thought I would get good coverage that way!!

    Sorry for all the work with my questions/threads.

    Thanks for the info. I will use Soviet only now when referring to WW2 "Russian" items or Military.

    Good idea, You are correct, I will check Danish crowns.

    Regards, Steve

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    Circuit advertisement My Cap Star Collection So Far
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    The crowns can be Romanian!

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    Quote by Kilroy Was Here View Post
    Hi Dimas, I do not understand. "Only in German side or in any kind of national formations"
    Is the Ukrainian pin from the same time period, WW2, as the other items on the coin purse? It looks to have been there as long as the other rank bars, stars etc. Do you know what the crowns are, or can you find out? Maybe another member will know about crowns too.

    Thanks. Regards, Steve
    Hello, I deem it to be one of the many variants of trident used by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA)
    during and after ww2 when they became partisans against the NKVD troops up to the fifties.
    It is easy to find information-pictures un Ukraine.
    If interested I can recomend you the book (in ukrainian) Ukrainska povstancha Armia by Myzhichuk and Marchuk about their uniforms and insignia 2006 (It is very easy to find in UA). Odnostrii is the publishing house.
    The crowns are the "international type" they can be spanish, belgian, greek...

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