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My Soviet Hat Collection

Article about: Here's my collection.

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    I was about to send you a link I had to one on ebay only to discover it has ended.

    Original Soviet Russian General Parade Visor Cap Hat USSR 1969 | eBay

    Here's the link, maybe you'll catch it when he relists it. It's pretty expensive though.

    If it's still floating around some where I'd be interested in such an admiral cap.

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    Circuit advertisement My Soviet Hat Collection
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    Thank you! I know this cap. But the upper fabric is a bit worn-out. It has to be tight.

    The fleet-admiral hat was sold to another person.
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    I'll keep an eye out. They dont come up too often, but I did see one that sold recently too.
    Maybe there will be more as more and more people in eastern europe see the money to be made in the militaria market

    ARGH, Just my luck

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    New hat. Finally got around to posting it

    1970 Medical and administrative officer

    My Soviet Hat Collection

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    I sell a general hat in very good condition, because I have two nearly similar caps. It's the 70s version with 29cm diameter.

    Maybe somebody is interested, click: Schirmm

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    That's my new hat of 1962. Very good condition.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My Soviet Hat Collection  

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    Can anyone identify this cap
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My Soviet Hat Collection   My Soviet Hat Collection  

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    It's been a while Gentlemen, since my last update.
    I've got a few hats that I think you'll like to see.

    The first is a fur hat with a visor used solely by Captains First Rank, Navy equivalent of Colonel.
    My Soviet Hat Collection

    This one is a Communications Ministry Hat
    My Soviet Hat Collection

    1952 Border Guard hat
    My Soviet Hat Collection

    Aeroflot Commanders hat Custom made
    My Soviet Hat Collection

    Hope you all enjoy them.

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    New batch of hats that I finally got around to posting

    My Soviet Hat Collection
    Standard Armored officers parade hat

    My Soviet Hat Collection
    Yellow topped Signalers hat 1970's Ministry of Railways

    My Soviet Hat Collection
    Tank officers parade hat 1950

    My Soviet Hat Collection
    Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic Ministry of Road Transport hat, late 60's early 70's made in Kharkiv

    My Soviet Hat Collection
    Armored forces General 1970's

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    The tank officer parade cap is really nice !

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