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Pilotka.....any ideas? Help needed!

Article about: I just got offered this pilotka but since I lack sufficient experience I prefer to get some more opinions. To me it looks like a Kharkov made unworn pilotka which never had a star attached.

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    I have to disagree there. There's so much good stuff to find for reasonable prices however when only looking at those bigger dealers' webpages we start to think their prices are common marketprices. While they're not in fact. People pay for the name of these dealers. Not the item. Espenlaub is on the very expensive side yet even they had some wartime pilotkas for sale for far less, even up to half of this price. But general collectors simply accept those high prices because: A) the name of the dealer and B) they don't look any further than those big dealers. And that way one can miss items out there with normal prices. Because they are there. Plenty in fact. One just need to look for those items.

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    Circuit advertisement Pilotka.....any ideas? Help needed!
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    I understand that the habit of such dealer could be disappointing, but luckily this is a free market.

    Remember that not everyone is a collector. Many are simply dealers...

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    Of course the dealer can ask what he wants. What I strongly disagree with is adding a star to a pilotka which never had a star in the first place. That is altering an item for more profit. I am strongly against altering any item for more profit. Leave historical items as they are, not try to make something more spectacular out of them for $$$$.

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    I clicked the IMCS link that you posted, but I can't see the new listing. I also went into "shop" and then "Russian WW2 Combat Gear" and I still can't see it on there (along with some other Russian stuff that seems to only be visible on the "all items" tab).

    Am I somehow viewing it wrong?

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    Go to shop, new listings, page 4. There it is halfway the page.

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    I see it now, thanks. I'm guessing they put it up for that much because they know that someone is going to pay that much for it. I don't know, personally I have a neutral stance on this topic.

    Edit: I do however agree that they shouldn't have added the star onto it, or at least they should have said that they added it on. I don't believe that dealers/collectors should alter any historic item (unless it is removing rust to stop further damage to the item).

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    Who knows, maybe someone will look really, really hard and suddenly find Zhukov or Konev's autograph on the lining and the price will go up again!

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    Well, everybody can ask their price ofcourse. Will it sell for that amount? Probably not...
    As Marcel says, these thing can be found a lot cheaper, you just have to have a bit of patience and go out the door.
    I don't see any harm in adding a cap star to complete the cap (though I would have added another model).

    What is really disgusting me is dealers (I'm not talking about this dealer) selling nice German gasmask sets in 10 pieces (removing the straps, filter, cleaning cloth etc.), or even worse, dealers who are cutting photo albums and selling in single pieces, which is the trademark of one of Belgium's big dealers.

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    Completing a cap by adding a star? Many soldiers were issued caps without star. So to find a nice cap which never had a star is something nice and more rare. But greedy dealers don't know that.

    I agree. Splitting up photoalbums for profit is blashemy in my eyes. It shows no respect whatsoever to historical items and the veteran who compiled the album.

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