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Soviet WWII cloth tanker helmet-early version?

Article about: Hi guys This is my new Soviet WWII era cloth soviet tank crew helmet. From what I've learned so far it's early version with ventilation holes and early steel black buttons with sickle and ha

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    Now you need to find wartime, tankers overall to make a full set.

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    I was thinking about it but I want to complete tanker's uniform with gymnasterka first and then I'll look for coverall.

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    If you don't mind my asking, roughly how much are these, on average?

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    It really depends on it's shape. Many of these tanker helmets were issued by civilians after the war and lots of them were refurbished or modified. Mine wasn't modified. But it's quite worn. It also depends where you're buying from, from Eastern Europe or Western Europe or US. These helmets are usually sold for 250-400$ depending on things mentioned above.

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    Wetting the label with water might bring out the writing better , nice helmet .

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    That's a nice example and I must say, pretty well made for 42-43 years you have the strap on the top, air-hole on side, tie inside for the headset ... you should try the water technics given by CBH.

    For the prices MarineCollector42 is right, but they are alot of different model and fabrics so the price can be a little bit different, the late war model 44-45 are not very researched at the opposite early or pre war model (dated) and the "Emergency manufacturing" type of 42-43 are the most researched.

    Quote by Marinecollector42 View Post
    Thank you for your comments! I'd like to add headset to tank helmet but I've never seen one for sale.
    They are more than just rare, I search for one since 4 years, never seen one so far (except on museum)

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