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SSch39 helmet

Article about: You notice that when you look around at netsellers, ebay and so. There is not many good condition helmets for sale, because there are not that many around!

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    Default Re: SSch39 helmet

    Quote by Dimas View Post
    Hi Richie, your is one from the 5 pieces picked up by me more than 15 years ago, other was in better condition and unfortunately I don't keep one for me. I think one day after, someone will join us, who have one with red star at the front and which I can't save
    Are you referring to another BLACK example? If so, we would love to see it and perhaps be informed as to whom, what, when, & why?
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    You got some nice helmets there RichieC. The first one has a great patina, nice liner and a early cloth chinstrap wich is not so common, nice

    The second one seem to me (I may be wrong) to been repainted on the outside or it could have had some type of cover that protected the shell from rust. The inside is rough and has a very nice stamp, chinstrap german?, the strap can be warbooty stolen from a german helmet but who knows.

    The third, the fist ones made were all black so this one is rare, a bit worn and the line a bit broken the insigna partly missing, but still a very wounderfull helmet with great patina


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    Thanks Bjorn

    I am still very curious about the star on the second helmet. Without a doubt the helmet saw use in the field. Perhaps it was repainted and the star added for parade use after the war? However, I can not see how that chintzy liner survived years in the field...

    Do you think the chinstrap is indeed German?

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    Default Re: SSch39 helmet

    Hello Guys, I must say !!.... some of the Ssh39 Helmets posted here are outstanding,especially the ones with red painted star on front of helmet, How rare are they ??

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    Default Re: SSch39 helmet

    Now they are rare as the double decal Wehrmacht helmet ( I mean with the front star)

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    Default Re: SSch39 helmet

    Hi, very nice !!!!

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    Default Re: SSch39 helmet

    Hi fellow collectors ,

    Very nice helmets already shown here !
    So here is one of my SSch 39 helmets.
    As you can see it is in very nice condition .


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SSch39 helmet   SSch39 helmet  

    SSch39 helmet   SSch39 helmet  

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    Default Russian helmet WW2 ???

    Hello again,

    I'm not having much success with photos, these are all that would upload.

    I believe Russian but this is not my field, I have had a look through this forum but all the other helmets have a sort of 3 piece liner and this one is more german looking? The rivets are quite high on the dome and there are 3.

    There is a metal stamping at the rear ' 2 5321' and then a black ink stamp which reads POCT 2 in a box underlined with what could be a date 1938 or 9?

    Perhaps someone will know,

    Thanks Jock going for a beer now!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SSch39 helmet   SSch39 helmet  

    SSch39 helmet  

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    Default Re: Russian helmet WW2 ???

    The shell is definitly Soviet SSh-39

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    Default Re: Russian helmet WW2 ???

    Hi Jock, yes it is an Ssh39 with the early leather liner. I love it!

    The stampings refer to the shell size which is a "2" and the batch number.

    The ink stamp is for size (POCT in Russian) and size number 2. The date has the letter "r" after it.

    Cheers, Ade.

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