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Ssh 40 real or fake or non Russian copy?

Article about: Hey I just bought this "WWII Russian helmet" at an antique store for 40 bucks. I was thinking maybe a post war or a fake. It has the stamps but they are faded and hard to see. It a

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    Liner looks somewhat like a WWI German M16 liner or a Romanian liner.

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    Circuit advertisement Ssh 40 real or fake or non Russian copy?
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    Quote by mstewart6698 View Post
    The number on the back is 2 5203 and one of the stamps looks like it says CT 58. Anyone know what those mean?
    Helmet made to ​​Stalingrad in 1958

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    @Dom Do you think this helmet is real or no?

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    Quote by mstewart6698 View Post
    @Dom Do you think this helmet is real or no?
    I think what Dom says is that the helmet is made in the Stalingrad Factory in 1958. That would explain the "CT58". So original but postwar and WW2.

    Thank you for the info Dom. I learned something new today

    Regards, Lars

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    OK thanks! I'm still stuck on the liner though. Never seen this kind before.

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    Ssh 40 real or fake or non Russian copy?

    Could this be a Russian Victory Day parade helmet? I noticed that the Helm these guys are wearing look like Ssh 40s with a leather chinstrap like mine.

    Edit: Nevermind those are Ssh 60s.

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    interesting parade photo and to see the PPSh 41 used, thanks for sharing

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    as for your helmet the liner pads look similar to what you might find on a swiss m18 ,how they got there is anybodys guess but it is sure a good topic for discussion

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    Yea that's what is bugging me haha. I went back a couple weeks later and the same seller had a Spanish modelo Z with a Luftwaffe sticker on it so for all I know he did it but I'm not sure. I thought it may have been done in Finland because their helms used that liner but my helmet is post war.

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    I think the leather liner pads came out of a Swedish M26, the liner was probably put there by a collector, not original to the helmet.

    swedish m26

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