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Tanker Helmet Alert!

Article about: If it was Chris', it may be impossible... He sold one at a MAX show about 5-6 years ago. Mike

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    Default Tanker Helmet Alert!

    Those intereseted in such items should have a look at this ebay auction:

    120386896132 well as the canvas version offered by the same seller. Archive the pictures to your computer and make some mental notes

    I recommend strongly that you NEVER buy one that looks exactly like these Of course this is my humble opinion

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    Default Re: Tanker Helmet Alert!

    Aside from the fantasy shipping costs, what attributes make this, and the other similar items that this "high on USD" seller offers a "NEVER"?
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    Default Re: Tanker Helmet Alert!

    I have saved the pics.

    The other tankers helmet on offer is also bad.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Tanker Helmet Alert!


    The leather one has been "distressed" with sand paper, emory cloth or something. The snaps used in it's construction as well as a couple other stitching details are like a 1936 model tanker helmet I own that I managed to actually buy as a reproduction. In addition, the gray/green color of the fleece liner is identical to it as well.

    My 36 type was picked it up from a well know, chubby Russian dealer with a Jewish last name who's tables are were near your table at a few past Show of Shows.... that help.

    This person also has the canvas type as shown by this eBay seller... and can get you as many as you want.

    In my humble opion both of these helmets are 100% no good

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    Default Re: Tanker Helmet Alert!

    Thanks Mike,

    Now that I think of it, I recall another thread on another forum about these from a few years back.

    I never gave these overwhelming thought because I am so skeptical about them. However, I suppose I need to have one someday and need specifics to compare/contrast originals vs fakes before I lay out a year's salary to acquire one. I may not be the only one who is on this train of thought...

    So, if you guys don't mind - plug away with some comprehensive images and comments... You too Ade...

    I also think Dimas has the knowledge to participate concerning this facet of headgear too.
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    Default Re: Tanker Helmet Alert!

    Hi Richie, well here is my grey cloth tankers helmet :

    Sadly I cannot show a leather version. I have never even seen one for sale in the UK.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Tanker Helmet Alert!


    Yes it was on WAF or maybe the "Gentleman's" forum. I posted pictures of my 100% fake 1936 pattern helmet. For those not familiar with the nomenclature, what I am calling a 36 is the one shown in Shalito's second book on page 190, article #3. Fakes of this helmet have been available since at least 2000. The dealer I hinted around with you about has been selling them as real since about then as well. We bought one "under the table" if you will at one of the Show of Shows and I brought it home and cleaned all of the fake dusty dirt off of it and it serves as a representative piece in my collection. If people are interested, I can repost those photos here.

    Of the eBay helmets I commented on, I have seen only the cloth version for sale in the US with any kind of voracity. Mainly by the same dealer. What is wrong with it is hard to describe. All I can say is all of the ones like it I have handled all look the same and exude that "almost, but not quite" fell to the construction and materials. I do not like the eBay leather version because of the materials and the fake weathering should seal it for anyone.

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    Default Re: Tanker Helmet Alert!

    Hi Michael, interesting thread, please share with us pictures, that will be nice to have a reference material here.

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: Tanker Helmet Alert!

    Ok here are photos of my fake 1936 pattern leather tanker.
    Attached Images Attached Images Tanker Helmet Alert! Tanker Helmet Alert! Tanker Helmet Alert! Tanker Helmet Alert! Tanker Helmet Alert! Tanker Helmet Alert! Tanker Helmet Alert! Tanker Helmet Alert! Tanker Helmet Alert! 

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    Default Re: Tanker Helmet Alert!

    Thanx for showing those Mike... It seems that I can smell the unmistakable scent of modern leather permeating from my monitor... Do you have any other examples of "FUFLO"?

    How about somebody showing some comprehensive images of their original specimens for comparison? Dim?
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