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Tankist/VDV Helmet?

Article about: I posted this hat question on my earlier gimnasterka and telogreika question thread I had posted but after the post was several days old and probably a lot of viewers didn't know I added it

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    Ray your very welcome ,i am determined as much as you are to bring closure on this tanker helmet and any ideas and posts keep the thread alive
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    Circuit advertisement Tankist/VDV Helmet?
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    Up once more as suggested to do in hope that someone maybe looking at the post for the first time might be able to add something about this helmet or know information that would help to identify this helmet. Ray

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    Looks like Korean tanker or Chinese helmet for me ...

    Korean War Chinese Tanker Helmet Hat Cap Communist North Korea PVA PLA kPa | eBay
    Tankist/VDV Helmet?

    Chinese display (korean war)
    Tankist/VDV Helmet?

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    Thanks Bagration, James also suggested the Chinese maybe/possibility in his post #50 and an earlier post. Problem is the Chinese helmets in your post and James post appears to be basically standard pattern helmets with "steel" buckles and liners. It doesn't answer the crude construction quality question of the helmet I have as the Chinese ones do not appear to be much different then the Russian helmets in overall style and construction. But appreciate the suggestion. We may never find the answer on my helmet but I will keep poking/kicking the wood pile, so to speak, and maybe something will turn up. , Ray
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    For me that's don't look like Soviet conception even an "emergency" production of late 1941 and 1942 in fact the thing that really bothers me is the absence of pockets for earphones ... that's could be a problem for a tankman to don't have this ... even for the Soviet on early war didn't have all the radio equipment on tank, the tanker helmet has always the pockets inside ...

    Maybe just a production for theatre or movie chinese, Korean or Russian made ...

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    Thanks again for joining in on the conversation about this helmet.
    Here again are some of my thoughts.

    1 It's not an unfinished tanker helmet. During the process of assembly of a helmet, the liner is sewn under the hem of the large flaps before the hem is sewn. In this helmet's case it appears the hem was intentionally sewn with no liner. A short cut yes, but not necessary unfinished.

    2 The helmet was originally assembled as it is. No added construction or altering a post war airborne helmet.

    3 A repro or copy? They generally would not be missing a liner and mike holes so they could look basically the same as a real helmet, and most likely would have easy to get metal buckles not pressed cardboard ones. To make the cardboard buckles as on this helmet, expensive dies would have had to be made and as there are two different pattern buckles, two different dies would be more expensive. So it would not be a cheap repro I'm thinking.

    4. A very early Factory pattern/template model. The reason I don't think it is one, is that if it is a pattern/template sample why doesn't it have the mike holes which I understand was standard right from the beginning. Also it appears to have actually been used/worn because of the broken buckle and added cloth chin strap.

    The pluse's for it being an original expiedient made helmet is that the construction and "stitching" pattern appears to match other original helmets and the only exceptions being the missing liner, mike holes, and the pressed cardboard buckles, which may have been used due to a shortage of metal buckles or material. The cardboard buckles could easily be made with the same press/dies used for the steel buckles. There are other instances of helmets or other items having short cuts in manufacturering during the war. Also the helmet has been used/worn demonstrated by the cloth chin strap added to tie the flaps down apparently after the buckle broke.
    Having reviewed all the facts and issues that have been presented, I'm still kind of leaning that it is an original helmet that was expedient made due to emergency war time conditions as I don't know what else it could be. Anyway, that's my opinion for what it's worth. I would appreciate any other thoughts from folks. Ray

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    For me like I say don't look like soviet emergency conception and because of the absence of the earphones that's make the thing really difficult for a tankman to use it ...After that, I didn't see every production emergency so like all that's not the sort of thing that I can confirm with 100% be sure.
    One emergency helmet for example that I saw 2-3 years ago.
    Tankist/VDV Helmet?
    Tankist/VDV Helmet?
    Tankist/VDV Helmet?

    The cinema production is (for me again) not a bad idea, I have one leather helmet made from theatre or cinema and the quality is damn huge, that's impressive ... so a tank helmet with some "missing" part like this is not a problem for me.

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    Maybe not a tankers helmet but maybe a motorcycle helmet because of the missing mike holes, that might make more sense. Still possibly an expedient one with no liner and the fiber die stamped buckles, Maybe, but a thought, would a motorcycle helmet need the ear/mike flabs? Ray

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    Don't know, I'll try to make some research, interesting thread anyway

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    Hello bagration and welcome aboard ,nice to hear your thought's on this one and your kind offer's of help to Ray ,it is much appreciated

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