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Tankist/VDV Helmet?

Article about: I posted this hat question on my earlier gimnasterka and telogreika question thread I had posted but after the post was several days old and probably a lot of viewers didn't know I added it

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    For me it's really post-war helmet, the construction, buttons and canvas are close to this one that i already posted on the thread : Soft tank Helmet ,T34 ?

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    Thanks Bragation, I see the listing had ended before I looked so didn't see it before it ended. Do you have a photo of it. When I clicked on the site it showed a number of all differ types of helmets and none of them matched mine or had fiber buckles. Does anyone have any photos of some that were made for the theator or movies as Bragation mentioned earlier? Maybe one made for a movie would explain the lack of ear holes and the cheap fiber buckles.

    Below is what I posted regarding that thought before and it's till an option. The major reason I didn't think so before was were would one get fiber buckles unless they were punched/made from an expensive die. They do not appear to be hand made and are of the same pattern as the metal ones and probably would be expensive to make. Also the material does not appear cheap but the same quality and weave as the original ones.. Of course anything is possible, Ray

    My earlier post.
    3 A repro or copy? They generally would not be missing a liner and mike holes so they could look basically the same as a real helmet, and most likely would have easy to get metal buckles not pressed cardboard ones. To make the cardboard buckles as on this helmet, expensive dies would have had to be made and as there are two different pattern buckles, two different dies would be more expensive. So it would not be a cheap repro I'm thinking.
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    A recap, The inside/interior of the helmet does not have a covering over the sewn seams and the seams and stitching are fully exposed and it appears there never was a covering over the seams like normal helmets.
    The openings of the bumper tubes, or what ever you call them, are open on both ends exposing the material inside them to view, no sewn end covers like regular ones.
    And finally the buckles on the helmet are made out of a type of material like that of period circuit boards or heavy resin card board and are not steel. All helmet material sewing/stitching on the helmet appears to be professional done and of the same quality and of the same stitching pattern as other helmets. There are no markings,mfg, in the helmet, Ray
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    Well here it is again! It's been awhile since my last re posting of this thread. So in keeping with the suggestions to keep on re-posting it, in case someone new might be able to add some info about it. It's back up again. Ray

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    Well let's give it a go again in keeping with the suggestions. Maybe some new posters may have come on board since the last post
    several months ago that might have some further information on it. Ray

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    Okay, I just re-read the whole thread again and what was posted by James just jumped out as what it probably is. James said, "i guess the only thing it can be is an early production template model of some sort ,please keep the thread open and maybe down the line somebody might just know the answer ,there's a few members on here from that part of the world and sure one of them will know something on it ,regards james"

    After rereading his post. The thought occurred to me that James just might have actually guessed the best answer all along in that it is probably one of the very early factory prototype designs or production templates, like a tool room sample, used in the process of designing the tankers helmet before it was adopted and put in production. The mike flaps had not been added yet. Kind of makes sense now.

    Does anyone have the information on the when the helmet was adopted or made as official issue?
    Any thoughts on this? Ray
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    If it was a tool room sample and was no longer needed it may have been discarded and used later by an employee or some one else or maybe some kids, as a regular hat/cap and the chin strap/string added after the resin buckles broke.
    Does that seem to make sense? Ray

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    Hello Ray,

    I didn't re read all but I would be more in favor of a kind of film production or Something like this.

    Helment M34 are in Leather and of very good fabric. Canvas models arrived with the M37 and are derived from the M34, so no need for a prototype.


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    I tend to agree with Bruno here. The market is floaded with lots of movie props and it just takes time before these are all mixed inbetween original items and be seen as original because the knowledge is gone from the older collectors. Pretty sure this will be fact within a decade or two.

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    I guess as stated above, It most likely is a repo or copy.

    The only thing I thought might be against that is the use of the exact weave cloth as the original used, not a cheaper cloth, and the same thread stitching pattern as used on the originals. Also I would assume it would be expensive to make dies for the two different pattern heavy fiber buckles in the same pattern as the original metal ones. I think you would need to make an expensive die for that.

    The lack of mike holes and lining would not be a problem I guess for a copy. Ray
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