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Tankist/VDV Helmet?

Article about: I posted this hat question on my earlier gimnasterka and telogreika question thread I had posted but after the post was several days old and probably a lot of viewers didn't know I added it

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    Default What is this hat

    I posted this hat question on my earlier gimnasterka and telogreika question thread I had posted but after the post was several days old and probably a lot of viewers didn't know I added it to the post so here it is on it's own.
    What is this hat, a tanker, a paratrooper or something else. It's probably not that old but curious what period and as what it is. It's a bit washed out and there are no stamps, Ray

    Tankist/VDV Helmet?
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    Tankist helmet.

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    Thank you, I thought it might be but how do the head mikes/phones work/fit on the side as there are no openings/holes on the side so you can hear?
    The inside seam stitching looks like it is hand sewn. Is it Russian or some other countries? It doesn't seem to be the best quality.
    Also about what date would it be? Ray
    Tankist/VDV Helmet?
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    An interesting helmet, Ray. I'll trawl a few photos and see what I can find.
    A good point about the lack of inbuilt comms, though. That makes me think it might be a paratroop helmet.

    I don't have a good knowledge of Russian tank helmets, but I'm guessing it's not Russian. The PMK plant in Moscow built all the leather flight helmets, sound protection helmets, military ushankas etc., from pre-war times until recently. I would assume they made the tank and paratroop helmets as well, and their quality was of a lot higher standard than the build of your helmet. A possibility is that it might be Bulgarian, Serbian or something like that. I'll see if I can track it down.

    Cheers, Willie.

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    Bizarre... Missing all the details Ray mentions and many more. No liner, no snaps, no hardware... never had them. This thing is at best an unfinished original, at worst an incomplete reproduction. Very strange.

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    Stranger still, the buckle on it appears to be made out of some type of a pressed cardboard as it is not metal and is flexible.

    Tankist/VDV Helmet?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Tankist/VDV Helmet?  

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    Are there buckles to secure the two straps on the crown together and likewise to fasten down the side flaps??

    There should be:

    1) a button and hole or a pop snap to secure the neck flap in the up position.

    2) a large, finished edge hole on each side, under the padded side flaps to accept commo equipment (With the exception of one model, Soviet helmets did not have factory installed coms, only the provisions to add them later)

    3) The vertical tubular pads at the front edges of the side flaps should be finished on the ends with a patch of same material that is tucked into the tube end and sewn to attach.

    4) A cotton baize liner that would have been sewn in before the edge hem of the main helmet sides was finished.

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    Film prop?.....
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    I would have said it was a hand made re-inactors hat or as Gunny said, a film use one except there are all kinds of cheap metal buckles available to use instead of formed painted pressed paper or cardboard ones as well as sewing machines unless hand sewing was the only way to sew the inside seams. There is another intact buckle and one that was cut off. and the non buckle side of the strap has a pressed cardboard/paper reinforcement sewn in it apparently prevent fraying of the strap and to easier secure the strap into the buckle
    Just a thought, could it be a Stalingrad made one? Rushed out with the tanks. That would be neat but alas, I wouldn't be that lucky. Even if it was, you wouldn't be able to prove it unless there were other documented ones like it. Ray

    PS, the two buckles remaing are different from each other. The one on the flap closing strap is a double loop buckle, the top part of one loop has broken off on it. The other one I show is a single loop buckle. The back flap is just tack sewn to secure it up.

    Tankist/VDV Helmet?

    Tankist/VDV Helmet?
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    Well I'm having fun searching for photos of WWII tanker helmets. Found one here but that one has a stitched hole like Mike mentioned under the ear flaps. However from what I've read anyway, the tanks didn't have radios or intercoms early on and directions were given by the commander by tapping the drivers on the shoulder with their feet. So the one I linked to, could be a year or two later style. Also the ear flaps are reversed , back to front, plus it has metal buckles, and a lining. However all stitching of the other components match the one I have and the look of the material looks similar. Though mine is washed out more.
    What say you! think it could be an expiedient made one and early like from Stalingrad or am I dreaming? Love a mystery, Ray

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