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Wartime SSh 40 with red star - opinions needed

Article about: The stars discontinued to use in the mid 40's, this is not a original star, but the helmet looks nice, due this type of markings on LMZ helmets last seen on the 1945 dated helmets, which wer

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    Default Re: Wartime SSh 40 with red star - opinions needed

    Ok. I will!
    Many thanks for all info!

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    Quote by Dom View Post
    But is this one Dom shows is 44 dated? I would argue that there are LMZ helmets with this style stamp (used 1942-45 I think) that retain the yellow colored chinstrap with the metal termination on the end. All I have ever seen like this are dated 42 like the original helmet shown in this thread. There were also non-webbing chinstraps used during this period as well such as cotton fabric.

    Seems sometime, possibly 1944, the white chinstrap is most common and without the metal termination. On the helmet originally shown, the width will be a clue, though I am not 100% convinced that the width is a reliable indicator.

    This issue Dom raises about the stamp is where we will be in the most agreement. As Dimas stated, the configuration of the stamp is correct, but Dom raises a point about the width of the lines (and characters I add). To Dom's point, there seems to be a rash of these showing up lately, eBay in particular, that have these thin lined stamps. I think there is something "funny" about them. The helmet in question does have what looks like a good wartime vintage liner make up, but it could be a restamped LMZ 47 or 48.

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    Default Re: Wartime SSh 40 with red star - opinions needed

    Hello Mike,

    yes the picture shows a helmet 44 but I can also show two other dated 1943 with the same chinstrap. I have 4 helmets LMZ dated from 43 to 45 and the width of the chin strap is always the same.
    Other collectors will no doubt confirm.
    I agree, the helmet is most likely in 1948 (47 is a rare bird as Dimas said)

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    Default Re: Wartime SSh 40 with red star - opinions needed

    Not saying your insight into chinstrap width is wrong, quite the opposite really in that you are probably correct. My thread of doubt is simply my reluctance to place absolutes on things regarding Soviet militaria.

    I suppose my point is that if the stamp in the helmet first posted did in fact prove to be real (I don't think it is)... if the chinstrap was an metal terminated, yellow web, Ssh-39 type, this would be a legitimate combination of helmet and chinstrap given the 1942 date.

    My opinion about this helmet is that it is an early postwar helmet, probably 1948 LMZ. If the chinstrap theories are sound, the yellow web, metal tip chinstrap is probably wider than the similar strap found on Ssh-39.

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    Default Re: Wartime SSh 40 with red star - opinions needed

    There are two types of chinstraps for Ssh 39 .

    Unfortunately we can not say everything on the forum, too many malicious people
    watch threads .

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