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Converted buckle

Article about: This is a converted Army buckle.

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    Default Converted buckle

    This is a converted Army buckle.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Converted  buckle   Converted  buckle  

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    very nice conversion and a tough one to find...thanks for posting,,,Robert

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    I'd love to find one like this to add to my collection! Looks great! Thanks for sharing!


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    this one is super nice, i wonder how they done it

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    What is the purpose of this "second strike" converted buckle? Who was the intended wearer? Post 1945 police perhaps and why the edelweiss?



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    I've always considered these post-war as well David. Perhaps used by police or simply as a decorative piece? I've heard these were also converted this way in POW camps....but I can't confirm any of these comments....still a cool looking buckle. I would add one to my collection given the opportunity.



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    Never seen one of these before, but I too rather like it. Interesting item.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Just what I have read guys and have been told in the past these are like David said, re-striked buckles post war, men could not walk around wearing their unit/nazi marked buckles so these were stamped out. They came in several variations. Whether true or not I am unsure but this is what I have always been led to believe. Again all, as I have matured as a collector and gatherer of information I tend to believe in concrete proof rather than earsay!
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    Hello I have only seen 3-4 of these buckles. I always thought it was an interesting item. I think it is the buckle pictured in Angolia's revised edition.

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    It make sense it post war. I doubt it pow buckle.
    One of my friends was a kid in Germany during World War II. He said he remembers German vets coming back from POW camps and wearing their Wehrmacht uniforms, until the wore out. They would try to get rid of the swastika either blacking the uniform insignias or taking off all insignias. make sense convert the buckle to.

    Maybe the buckle is immediate post war German Army or police like stated above.

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