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DAK Belt Buckle?

Article about: Firstly my apologies if I inadvertently break forum rules on introductions/new users. I have looked for guidelines and cannot find any so assume this thread will be acceptable. If I have how

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    Default DAK Belt Buckle?

    Firstly my apologies if I inadvertently break forum rules on introductions/new users. I have looked for guidelines and cannot find any so assume this thread will be acceptable. If I have however inadvertently broken any forum rules, please just let me know and I will be happy to address.

    I am former reserve forces with a lifelong interest in all things military. I am not however a collector and have joined the forum simply to respectfully request some help/guidance with some items I am looking to sell. I would have and indeed tried simply listing on eBay, only to find even the presence of a Swastika on the belt buckle contravenes their selling rules and so had the listings removed.

    The items were given to me as a ~10-year old lad from a family acquaintance who served as a Sergeant with the Royal Corps of Signals in WW2. From the nature of the items, I believe he served in the North Africa and Italian Campaigns.

    The first item is this belt buckle (I assume I will need to raise separate threads in the respective forum categories for each item, hence not including all items in this one thread). Having tarnished further in my ownership (stored in garage), I assume the material is steel. I cannot determine the makers mark on the reverse, but it appears to include overlapped "B" and "G" letters. From basic web searches and the presence of what appears to be dark green paint (more apparent from looking at the photographs than to the naked eye), would it be a correct assumption that this would be an Afrika Korps buckle and is there any way I can determine that for sure? Secondly, can anyone help me with approximate value? I do not expect to achieve "retail" value, but would also hope that forum members (whom may later also be interested in purchasing), will be willing and able to guide me as to a "fair" value?

    With many thanks in advance for any assistance members can provide.


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    Hello Tim and welcome to the forum In ref to the buckle it is a standard Heer buckle made by Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen. If you have the buckle and look under the prong sleeve you might even find a date



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    If you are unfamiliar with buckle terminology have a read of this thread, it might help

    Buckle and Belt characteristics, originals & fakes

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    In ref to value you are looking around 45-55 or $60-70. The buckle is by a common maker and not in the best of condition

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    Wow that was quick, many thanks indeed Ben I am very much obliged.

    I can now see the date, "41".

    Kicking myself now for having let it deteriorate in the garage. It was in lovely shape when originally given to me thirty odd years ago.

    Anyhow, many thanks once again for your kind assistance.


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    Tim, if I owned the buckle I would give it a clean with some gun oil and wipe it dry with a dry cloth, just to try and preserve it a little better

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    Thanks Ben! You know me too well already ;-) I'll do just that

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    That's better, thanks again Ben

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    Hi Tim,

    Welcome to the forum

    I,m just wondering if this origionally had a web tab on it as that would make it a Tropical heer buckle used in the Afrika & Italy campaigns as you said, piant looks like the dark matt green paint used on such buckles.

    Regards Mac 66.

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    Brilliant Tim, looks 100% better

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