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Fake Heer buckle

Article about: Hello.. Quite possibly a fake based on the underscore under Dr. and the pigeon head.. The tab is sort of convincing.. I was going to bid on this item but backed off based on that. A dealer t

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    I think this kind of low level item exists for several reasons. First, much of it is fairly easy to reproduce. After all, nobody in their right mind would try to re-create a field phone - too complex. Second, there was demand for items that outstripped the supply and someone filled in for it with reproductions. Third, in the last 30 years there has been an upswing in WWII interest through films, documentaries and world wide reenacting. It was very hard to find repro items back in 1995 when I started in Living History. And heck, when I was in high school (in the mid 70s) I read about reenactors using original items including dot camo! The gap has steadily been filled for these demands and now you see all sorts of items reproduced. I purchased the repro buckle in question about 10 years ago thinking it was real. So things like buckles may have been made to satisfy the demand by collectors, reenactors and the film industry. Now the stuff is all mixed up out there and caveat emptor is the rule of the day. Your example was calculated to fool someone. NH

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    To Neil Hever..
    Ya know I never really thought about that aspect.. Hogans Hero's etc; etc; Makes sense though
    Reproductions can literally come from many places.. I guess i was being a honest fool... If I worked on a film lot in L.A. I would return the props to be catagorised back for costuming... Interesting... Thanks for your post and insight......A very good and plausible observation... Gwar..

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    Gwar, Another thing to consider is the amount of product produced for a film. When you costume a large period piece and need helmets and costumes for 500 extras most large scale film budgets order double and triple that amount. Some of the items are distressed to show age and use. Props and costumes suppliers on location do not want to wait for replacement items so they keep plenty on hand. Often, the original seller will buy back the unused items (at a discount) for resale. I purchased an M40 helmet made for the Pianist film. It was never used in the film and got into the stream of reproductions after they wrapped the movie. Tons of Saving Private Ryan repros entered the market a year or two after the film including the rubber props made for action scenes. NH

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    Quote by Neil Hever View Post
    After all, nobody in their right mind would try to re-create a field phone - too complex.
    I now feel much better about my 32 Euro FF33.....

    Seriously, this is a most interesting discussion and very useful to those, like me, who know little and are very wary of fakes.

    ( Now, about that 'E. Rommel' signature on the field phone...... )

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    A lot of real items were used on movies. I have a some original dot pattern M44 SS paints that are stamped Something like Barvarian Film Schutz. At the end of the movie The Dirty Dozen they thank this company in the credits.

    Back in the late 70's. MGM had a huge auction of props and wardrobe from their movies. There was lot of original German items.

    I am sure most of the move stuff today is reproduction.

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