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Fake Heer Buckles

Article about: Pigeon head fake with Overhoff markings

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    Default Re: Fake Heer Buckles

    Asked to post these pictures of a fake I was given.

    Fake Heer BucklesFake Heer BucklesFake Heer Buckles

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    Default Re: Rouges Gallery

    Are there any JFS buckles that are real? I have a repro one marked JFS, and I saw one very similar to it (also marked JFS) that a dealer was seller for a lot more than a repro price, and he claimed in the ad that it came out of the woodwork, etc. I made a fast search through Nash's book and failed to note a JFS listing. So, unless you folks correct my opinion, I am listing JFS buckles as fake,and any dealer that says he has a great one, marked "JFS" as a dealer best approached with suspicion

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    There are genuine JFS marked Heer buckles, look through the Heer makers list, you will find them in there

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    Classed as KM
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Fake Heer Buckles   Fake Heer Buckles  


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    Ben those "Bat head" fakes crack me up you know those things were all over here in the Midwest US in mid 70 gun shows, I always thought something wasn't right about them I seen guys buying them they were in magiznes sold also. One in brass with Fake Kreigmarine stamp in it also. Come to think about it there wasn't a lot of reference back then, and a lot of guys relied on dealers BS good books and forums like yours has changed all that. Thanks timothy

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    Ben GREAT thread! When I look at posts I try to evaluate them as a teaching aide to new collectors. This one in my opinion is as collector beginning to evaluate my finds its excellent. this is the kind of info that helps bankrupt the counterfieters! Seriously good I m impressed w the dedication you show to your interest in collecting. I can t thank you enough for letting me know the alum. Heer in my collection is real. It s been a piece I ve considered to be fake for quite some time
    I held a grudge against that auctioneer for almost two years now LOL! u got him off the hook. Thanks again



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    Problem is guys with the likes of the batman and pigeon head fakes people still buy them and they are one of the worse fakes on the market. There are still members here who repeatedly ask for help posting pigeon head fakes asking if they are real!

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    One I had once and returned
    it may be still out there

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    Default Re: Rouges Gallery

    Hi , how do I tell if a piece is fake. is there a dependable book to identify fakes and or clones made to look like the real thing. I would like to buy a few buckles, but of course want the real thing and don't want to get ripped off.

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    Hi guys,

    Here's another fake. This buckle is brass, with a nickel coating and then the back seems to have had a coat of green paint. The prong bar is un-shrouded, thick catch.

    Why would fakers go to the bother of making it in brass, then nickel coating? I know that brass is normally used as a base for nickel plating, but ??????

    I know the early Heers were die struck nickel but the one in Nash is a cut out retainer....
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Fake Heer Buckles   Fake Heer Buckles  

    Fake Heer Buckles  

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