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Fake Heer Buckles

Article about: Pigeon head fake with Overhoff markings

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    Quote by fallbarbarossa View Post
    It was directed at Ben, but I personally don't mind anyone answering! Thanks Erno.
    Hello mate, just as Erno explained

    Guys, its a free forum, if you want to input into it just crack on, if something is not quite correct or wrong I will just amend it or explain why if I can

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    Circuit advertisement Fake Heer Buckles
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    I spent HOURS looking at this thread because I am new to collecting and this really helped with the details to look for in a belt buckle. Thanks for posting

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    for me, fake!



    Not mine,
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Here's one for the record

    Fake Heer Buckles
    Fake Heer Buckles

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    Fake M4/87 Matthias Salcher & Söhne, Wagstadt.

    Fake Heer Buckles
    Fake Heer Buckles
    Fake Heer Buckles

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    Ears and heads look all wrong.

    Warm Regards,


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    Is this really a buckle from the WW2? Is it really an attractive and desirable object?
    That's what the seller claims....
    At the moment, there is six bidders on this auction and the price is right now 50 USD but it will go up
    Fake Heer Buckles

    Fake Heer Buckles

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    A cast fake I found when going through old threads. A pretty "good" fake but take a look at the flaws and prongs etc
    So watch out my fellow beginners, it's a hard world out there!
    Fake Heer Buckles

    Fake Heer Buckles

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    Here we go again..up for auction and people were not afraid of bidding..

    EDIT: This buckle was just sold for 84 USD.... What the heck is wrong with people..
    Fake Heer Buckles

    Fake Heer Buckles
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