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First Unit marked Heer buckle

Article about: This one made me think of our good friend Ben. If anyone can offer up some info on this maker and the markings....I'm sure he can! I've got lots of buckles....but didn't have any unit marked

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    Very cool! Thanks!


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    Hey everyone! Thanks to Ben, I was able to get in touch with a great resource. He was able to nail down the information for these markings...Here it is...Pretty cool stuff! The markings stand for the:

    1th battalion, 5th addition company, infantry regiment 1

    Built on January 1st, 1921 under the name 1st Prussian infantry regiment. Garrison town of the regiment was Königsberg became the regiment in infantry regiment Königsberg in the defence circle I. on October 1st, 1934
    Renamed into infantry regiment on October 15th, 1935 definitely.

    As of October 1935 the tradition maintenance was distributed as follows in the regiment:
    I. battalion:
    II. battalion:
    III. battalion: Infantry regiment no. 43
    13th and 14th company: Grenadier regiment no. 1

    At outbreak of the war the regiment consisted of three battalions as well as an infantry gun and an anti-tank unit company. The regiment was subordinate to the 1st infantry division and marched in the Pole campaign except for Warsaw. In the west campaign the regiment marched through Belgium in the context of the army group B to the Somme, it worked over the Loire from here. After the armistice the regiment was used for the coastal preservation at the Atlantic.

    The III. battalion was handed in for the new list of the 121st infantry division at this time. After the regiment had transferred native country locations into his in September 1940, it took part in the campaign against Russia. From east Prussians it worked via Riga and Narva up to the suburbs of Leningrad the upper. The regiment stayed up to May 1942 when it transferred the Wolchow front on. Use southern of the Ladogasee was carried out as of January 1943.

    On May 13th, 1942 the regiment had to dissolve his III. battalion because of the heavy losses, it should be built newly only in November 1944. The renaming was carried out to the Grenadier regiment 1 on October 15th, 1942.

    Founded on October 15th, 1942 by the renaming of the infantry regiment 1. The regiment was subordinate to the 1st infantry division. For the turn of the year transferred the regiment in the south section of the eastern front and fought until July 1944 at Winniza, the piston stroke boiler, Stanislaus and Brody. The regiment lost about 60% of his strength. It had to be transferred to the freshening to the native country. In November 1944, the III. battalion came again to the regiment which fought into east Prussians now.

    It went from castle hill and Königsberg up to Sameland. The remains of the regiment found her end in the room Pillau.

    Thanks to Musketeer for all this info....just adds so much more to the personal worth of this buckle for me!



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    Good one Rob, pleased you got that info, I think it is nice to have a unit marked tab like that and know info about the Regiment

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    Yes that info is fantastic! Certainly adds to the buckle knowing where it came from!

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