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Heer buckle by Hermann Knoller

Article about: Hello all I have smartened-up and am posting before buying. Well, maybe buying this one. I found this buckle and what appears to be matching belt at an antique shop and snapped a few pics fo

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    Darn! Not surprised though as in my experience authentic TR items are becoming few & far between in general antique shops. When I do find them they are unfortunately (though perhaps understandably) usually pushed somewhat out of easy view. Often horrendously over-priced as well as I think many people who don't collect assume that anything featuring a swastika is rare. I like your "garage sale" idea of an antique store...these make for some fun hunting and sometimes great finds and deals. I think a trend in the antique business here in the U.S. is towards the large "emporiums" and antique malls that you mention though. Indeed people rent spaces in these and smaller antique shops. My parents have done this for some years now, buying and re-selling and at times clearing out some personal collectibles. Not something one makes real money at in IMO and most dealers I know are collectors themselves that do it for fun and as part of the collecting hobby.

    Okay, antiques biz blabbing done


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    Couldn't say it better myself! A pleasant little surprise I've had with these places. A new level of respect, so to speak. Thanks to this forum, and you kind sirs for your information, even I spotted something bogus.

    And as Walkwolf mentioned, I will ask if the same seller brought other TR pieces.


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    The buckle is fine and a typical Knoller buckle, as for the price I would bite his arm off for it, up to the elbow!!!!! Very good price for both belt & buckle

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    Thank you, Ben

    My intention exactly sir!


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