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Cap eagle

Article about: If you want an eagle missing a prong, \\$8 is a very good price. Fred

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    Default Cap eagle

    the one i am buying is the on in the top row on the right is it good ??Cap eagleCap eagle

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    Default Re: Cap eagle

    also interested if this police eagle on the top left is original !!??Cap eagleCap eagle

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    Hold up partner, people will be along to help you in due time.
    If i had to offer an opinion i would be more inclined to go with the other 2 eagles in the first photo and the police bade on the left as u said. This is just because im not a fan of the two prongs on the new looking eagle and the other to badges in the police photo i am not to crash hot on either.

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    Thank for the comment morris so you are saying pieces in the top photo are good and all in bottom are bad ??

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    This is not my field but from the pictures i only would think that the police badge on the left is good and all of the eagles except the top right are ok.

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    Alright lets hope more comment but thank you for the comment

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    Fred Green

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    I am generally not a metal guy but the top right Heer cap eagle is a good late war one to me missing the bottom prong!! The upper top left looks like a very early second pattern Heer cap eagle made of cupal.


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    Thank you fred do you think 8 dollars i fair for the one on the top right ??

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