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Combat Officer Display

Article about: For a combat officers display whtt type of trousers would go with this tunic? Furthermore would these boots fit a combat uniform. They does not look to be parade boots with the loose fit. Th

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    Prarade Y straps don't have the "D" rings for attaching the a-frame, rucksack or zeltbahn. They just have the big ring in the center of the back.


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    Sorry, also forgot to add that these straps were not only for cavalry and that this site also gives other info on equipment as well.

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    Thank you once again

    Regards, Lars

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    Hello Guys,

    Another question.. this time about breeches. Would these breeches go well with this tunic? They are "Steingrau" and not blueish. Why the leather? Cavalry? I would guess so.

    Regards, Lars

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    Combat Officer Display

    Combat Officer Display


    Combat Officer Display

    Combat Officer Display

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    Of the 2 that you have listed I prefer #2, based on condition.
    Whilst these may have been listed as cavalry, you have to remember that these guys were "king of the hill" and that these breeches were in style at the time regardless of whether the wearer had a horse or not.
    These look quite blue however and I would ask for confirmation that they are not Luftwaffe before purchase.

    Nice to see that things are progressing.

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    Thank you yet again Borchmann I also have my eyes on some M43 Tropical breeches in Olive-Brown. The one worn in Italy and on the southern fronts. The tunic and it's original owner served on the Eastern Front and with this color it could easily have been in the South IMO. I have a hard time finding Inf Officers Breeches at the moment.

    It's annoying i don't get email notifications from this thread

    Regards, Lars

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    Looks LW breeches to me too.
    Personally i like to match the trousers with the tunic as much as possible. I know that during the war nobody was looking for matching pairs but for display purposes i prefer to do so.
    Is the tunic made of Russian capture cloth?
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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    No it is a private purchase Tunic Made in Germany? The M43 trouser seem to fit the Tunic quite well. Better than Feldgrau anyway.

    - - Updated - -

    Btw Don. Do you have any pics on the forum of your displays

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    A good tunic but sadly with any tunic that unless you have a name with it and know his service records you will never know if the awards are original to it or have been added since the war ended. Do you know his history?

    I find it strange that the buttons are really worn but the rank pip on the shoulder boards look really clean.

    I always assumed that these were tailored in the zone of conflict in which they were used, rather than at home in Germany, oh well I learned something today.

    It looks really good and I look forward to seeing the completed display.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    To be candid, I think that you need to slow down.There are original breeches out there that will become available in time.
    If you rush in and buy, just to complete the ensemble, you will not be happy until you have what you really want.
    I do seriously like the breeches that I commented on in the previous post but I just wanted you to be sure of their colour and if they are stahlgrau or steingrau they will make a good contrast for the tunic.
    You could use a DAK pair if you want but I would not as although the tunic does suggest this I believe it to be a lightweight private purchase tunic that would have been worn in the barracks or in the field, no matter what the weather, just as long as it was not too cold.
    The best type of tunic that I ever had of this type was a chocolate brown canvas with a green officer collar and eagle for artillerie.I think that it may have been made from Russian cloth but I just matched it with a regular feldgrau cap and breeches and a brown belt and holster and it just seemed to work.
    I guess what I am trying to say here is don't be too keen to finish this item until you have what you want as you will just end up buying a lot more stuff than you have to and it will cost more as well.

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