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Early Infantry combat tunic

Article about: Hello! What do you think about this tunic, mates? The price is \\$1750, it is a good price? Regards

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    Default Re: Early Infantry combat tunic

    JP has covered everything, but I just wanted to say it is a really nice tunic that I would be happy to own. (Maybe a shoulder board pip has been replaced at worst)

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Early Infantry combat tunic

    So much of price , as Phillip says, is based on wether insignias are originally applied, and the overall condition of the bluse.
    Yes reichsheer stuff is rarer also.
    The 1940 collar litzen could be WW2 applied but then they are not regulation and without further evaluation....
    The eagle does not have the usual FG wool backing - though it appears to be correct preWW2 pattern (unlike the collar litzen)

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    Default Re: Early Infantry combat tunic

    The tunic's been covered in full and I'd only add that it looks like a keeper!As far as prices are concerned I can't see any reasons as to why a collector shouldn't sell his stuff at the same prices asked by the sellers!
    AFAIC I'm more than willing and ready to put ALL of the items I still have to sell up to discussion and I'm more than confident that the verdict would be "nothing short of1000% genuine"!With this calling card in my hands I'd be legitimate to ask what seller A asks for a similar item.
    Genuine and un-touched tunics are not that thick on the ground (ditto for M43s and trousers) and they demand a premium,no matter if the seller is A or a collector.As JP has rightly pointed out "there's a market for everything" and in the case of a 1000% genuine item there'a bonus that money can't's called "peace of mind"!
    Of course...there's a limit to everything and asking too much would be pointless,but getting the most from what you've got is more than legit!We all would love to own a fast,exclusive,bespoke sports car (like an un-touched M34 with internal suspenders and all the rest),but if it's too rich for our blood then we'd opt for something more "mundane" and if a "put-together" is not very appealing then a nice third model HBT combat tunic would fill the bill...for the moment,at least!
    I'm currently after a Luftwaffe HBT camo smock coming from Northern's like new,has been REALLY found in an attic and the owner's asking a boatload of money for it...just about what our regular dealer would ask for an identical piece but with an unknown history,maybe a few € more!What should I do in this case?Tell the guy that since he's found this smock and probably got it for free he should sell it to me for € 300?He'd laugh in my face and sell it to,say,Paul W who'd grab it faster than a speeding bullet!
    My two cents
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    Default Re: Early Infantry combat tunic

    Hey Canuck, I only collect Heer combat stuff! But then there are period photos of Army personnel wearing these in N. France 1944, so maybe! But these camos way too high for me.

    This genuine "barn find" - interesting he got the price so right? Power of the internet I suppose. Not your average norman farmer...
    Wish I had contacts in the bocage as I will be near there soon.(Channel islands)

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    Default Re: Early Infantry combat tunic

    Hi Paul,
    I have mentioned your name just to make an example !He ain't no farmer and he knows what he has...he's a collector and an old salt to boot!He's asking the right price....and's quite high!

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    Default Re: Early Infantry combat tunic

    Quote by paul w View Post
    The eagle does not have the usual FG wool backing - though it appears to be correct preWW2 pattern (unlike the collar litzen)
    Hello Paul,
    This early type of breast eagle without Feldgrau wool backing is correct.
    The eagle with the wool backing (which is embroidered and not woven like this one) was meant to be worn on the Waffenrock only (of course you can see photos of these eagles sewn to Feldblusen also)...and it must be handstitched (machine stitching came later for breast eagles).

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    Default Re: Early Infantry combat tunic

    Gents, the price of these things is horrendous !....I remember in the mid 70's going with some collector friends to Sheffield, and in a private house being confronted by a pile of M36/40/42/43 tunics, strippers mind, £6 each or £8 with tresse ! AHH... those were the days......
    Prost ! Steve.
    "The German Army is the perfectly adapted, perfectly running Machine. The difference is that the Germans are organised with a view to War...with the cold, hard, practical and business-like purpose of winning victories."
    G.W. Steevens - The Daily Mail (1897)

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    Default Re: Early Infantry combat tunic

    nice tunic !

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    Default Re: Early Infantry combat tunic

    looked too expansive
    supply quality WWI & WWII uniforms

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