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eBay auction titled 'Original WW2 Leather Coat'...

Article about: ...The question being - How Original? Sellers description as follows - 'Interesting, 1943 dated, brown leather Deck Coat. Personalised modifications including removal of rear half-belt and c

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    Impressive work. The mannequin's really set the scene. As for the uniforms , they look pristine . I especially like the caps. The staining and weathering to the life vest adds to the charm too. I bet it took some time to complete the set !

    I must say, it is rare that I ever see such artefacts here in England. The closest I've gotten to a real German relic is an SS Officers belt & buckle. Something I will treasure as a future investment. I guess this is what got me started in the search for other pieces.
    It seems the real collectors out their keep such things close to their hearts and include a high price tag. I can understand why. At the same time it is nice to see that such items are being passed on to the next generation to admire. Long may it continue.

    All the best.

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    Circuit advertisement eBay auction titled 'Original WW2 Leather Coat'...
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    Thank you, Retrovintagelove. I've been collecting since 1973 but what can you do with E-5 Navy pay? I got out of the service in 1977 and began collecting seriously. In 1979 I focused on Waffen-SS uniforms and headgear. In 2008 I diversified to Wehrmacht to make such exhibits possible. A lot of the exhibits I've done have put one uniform from each of the four services on the table. It took time (and money of course) to learn how to put up such exhibits. The one I will be doing in July in Richmond will be adding another advancement.

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    I have never seen a Kreigsmarine leather coat in brown. What is the purpose for the odd color? For what reason are the stamps obliterated? Questions that I would need solid answers to before spending one cent on this,


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    Good call Bob. It is better to sit on the side of caution with these things I guess.

    I did find one example in a longer length with belt that was in brown - Titled 'WW2 KRIEGSMARINE OFFICERS BROWN LEATHER GREAT COAT.. '
    Item location Netherlands. Along with a hefty price tag.

    Again, I cannot state if it is original or not.


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    A few examples via this website also - They are obviously reproduction pieces. (Cannot verify if they match that of original design).

    One titled ' WW2 German Leather U Boat Kriegsmarine leather deck jacket BROWN - WW2 German leather coats'

    Another - WW2 German Leather U Boat Kriegsmarine jacket BROWN - Panzer wrap style - WW2 German leather coats'

    via - Achtung Blitzkrieg GERMAN and Soviet Leather Coats - WWII German uniforms

    I also spotted the following item via the website 'WW2 German Gestapo Leather trench coat - BROWN LEATHER' Which looks very similar to that of the coat advertised in my previous post. Perhaps the seller has made an error and it is in fact a 'German Gestapo leather' rather than Kriegsmarine?
    Anyway, I'm going off subject a little here. Like I said, I'm a novice on the subject. Any help would be appreciated with regards to the opening post.

    Back to the case in hand...

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    It is very common for individuals to pick up vintage leather coats and modify them to be represented as period items. This brown coat is such a piece.


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    And they slap on words like Gestapo to make it fearsome. The trick for the Gestapo was to be unnoticed so they could do their job. One of the important jobs was listening to the people. If they were complaining a lot, that was bad. But these agents never arrested anybody for what they said. arresting people would blow their cower.

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    The buttons look brand new on this. It is an old coat with repro buttons imho.

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    I have one gray leather overcoat so I am not an expert. I have given this thread everything I've got. I'm washing my hands of it. Good luck.

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    Just saw this thread, I know it's almost a year passed since the original post. But maybe you want to know, the leather coat is a Hungarian one for tank crews. You can even see a "KR" within the frame which stands for Központi Raktár (Central Depot). I've seen several of this coats where the markings were overpainted to sell them as WWI Austro-Hungarian avation jackets, it's the first time I see somebody made a KM jacket from the piece!

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