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Field marshal tunic

Article about: by ErichK This tunic sold at auction recently for \\$180,000. Annoying actually. I was offered the same tunic for 100k

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    sorry franz. it was ww2fotos sorry was only wondering

    p.s isnt it just the shoulder board cyphers/batons thats $800 not the whole boards that vonB has?

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    O ok Ewan just cearing things up.

    Just got done googling German General Tunics. A site came up . Very interesting website about high ranking militaria. "They got a General of Military Administration Officials" for $8,000 or you can get a "Kriegsmarine KonterAdmiral Frockcoat" for just a Meir $7,350. Any of you spend that kind of money on it right now?

    Got some very interesting pieces

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    I saw a traveling exhibition that came to Memphis Tn about ten years ago it was called'' WWII through Russian Eyes'' I was astounded at the stuff they had,Hitlers uniform Goering uniform they had I would say more than 100 Banners on the original poles the ones the Russians cast down on Linen's tomb in Red Square during the victory parade.There was a Russian fighter and a German fighter planes,lots of stuff from the Bunker-typewriters desks tables wine bottles all sorts of things It was quite good and it was very popular exhibition.Anyone else seen it.

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    Goering's Reichmarshall Baton is at the West Point Military Museum,,,i doubt if any of his other batons are in the possession of family decendants...

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    I was under the impression that his wife won a court case to have the baton returned

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    What ever happened to the man that was assigned to Field Marshal Goering while he was at Spandau prison,if I remember he was given several things that belonged to Goering.I think his watch and a sidearm.Any one have any info on that.I think the guys name was Col. Hamn

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    A local store in my area has hermann goring rank patch collar tab for sale for $6000

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    WAR BOOTY is almost never returned,except in the case of national treasures:the relatives of the war boot "liberated" during hostilities may be deceased and/or unable to be identified,,,souvenirs are generally permitted to remain with the conquerors...

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    the baton at West Point is EXCELLENT!

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    Here's the Goring uniform at Hendon. I was there a couple of years ago.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Field marshal tunic  

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