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Field marshal tunic

Article about: by ErichK This tunic sold at auction recently for \\$180,000. Annoying actually. I was offered the same tunic for 100k

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    Quote by ErichK View Post
    This tunic sold at auction recently for $180,000.
    Yes It did sell for that but prior to that it was on sale for $ 100,000.00, and did not sell, hence going to auction.

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    Send me some pics and I will tell if they are real, and if you want to sell, let me know,



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    Are these from a GFM coat from Synders treaures? If so good luck. But if you want to send me a close up I will tell you if they are real.



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    This is supposed to be Von Bocks Great coat from Snyder, the answers in the writing.

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    i found reading this thread quite interesting.

    i have a friend who knows nothing of militaria and he has a friend who is and whose family is related to Rommel and lives out here. this family also knows nothing of this sort of thing. apparently, however, they have some of his uniform items. this friend of mine was over visiting and he and his friend pulled this stuff out of a box and were looking at it. he asked me one day, as more or less an after thought, if it was worth anything.

    i don't doubt my friend. i've known him for many years. so apparently there are, tucked away up here in a suburb, some interesting things.

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    [QUOTE=Jerry B;199209]I dont know how much one of Rommel's tunics would be worth, a lot I would think. Here is a picture of one of his from a museum, I cant remember which though, sorry. I have a pair of field marshalls batons from the shoulder straps and I have been told that top price would be c$800 and they are the pre war type and much less valuable than the 2nd pattern, and they are not associated with a name, so you can imagine how much a named field marshals tunic would be.

    On the attached picture of Rommels tunic.

    The Litzen on the collars are the pre 1941, which is not unusual as most Marshalls did not bother changing them quickly, but what is unusual that the shoulder boards are post 1941, so very interesting !!!


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    Attachment 544241Attachment 544239[QUOTE=Jerry B;211078]Look like poorly cast copies when compared to my set.

    Jerry do your devices look lie these.Attachment 544238Attachment 544238


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    Hi there,

    Been looking for a long time at the baton/tomahawk of Field Marshall Kvaternik. Can anyone help me with the rest of the detail?? And does anyone have any clear precise images of what is on the other side of the baton/tomahawk? I know the image above has the historical Croatian checkerboard with the names "Berislavic" and "Zrinksi". Berislavic being a noble family from Croatia and Zrinski a Croatian general in the Habsburg monarchy. Can anyone please help me?? I have been looking for a very long time - any help would be very appreciative. Thank you all!

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    Hi, have you tried emailing Mike @ The Marshalls baton, if anybody could help it would be him.

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