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Field marshal tunic

Article about: by ErichK This tunic sold at auction recently for \\$180,000. Annoying actually. I was offered the same tunic for 100k

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    Default Field marshal tunic

    I started to think about today, is how much would a German general tunic would go for?

    Let say if the tunic was Rommel tunic or Guderian tunic. How much would there tunic go for.

    please comment, i would like to see what people think.

    Sorry if you expected differently from the title.


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    Default Re: Field marshal tunic

    You could retire on what Rommel's tunic would bring, but it is not for sale, I am sure.

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    Default Re: Field marshal tunic

    i saw an officer black tunic and pants trade for a 4 door Mercedes

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    Default Re: Field marshal tunic

    New mercedes or old one?

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    Default Re: Field marshal tunic

    hi there how you so sure? do you know whare it is? just wondering

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    Default Re: Field marshal tunic

    Goerings full dress blue uniform and cap with insignia used to be on display at Hendon aircraft museum and i believe it was insured for 2 million pounds, if i remember correctly his baton was on display as well , that was on loan from his surviving family but im a bit hazy on the details its been 35yrs since i was last there i think

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    Default Re: Field marshal tunic

    I dont know how much one of Rommel's tunics would be worth, a lot I would think. Here is a picture of one of his from a museum, I cant remember which though, sorry. I have a pair of field marshalls batons from the shoulder straps and I have been told that top price would be c$800 and they are the pre war type and much less valuable than the 2nd pattern, and they are not associated with a name, so you can imagine how much a named field marshals tunic would be.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Field marshal tunic   Field marshal tunic  

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    Default Re: Field marshal tunic

    yes i watched a sky documentary lately about goering think it was maybe Hitlers henchmen! in this it shows you his baton up close and personal also comments its still belongs to the family and remains at an undisclosed location, sitting in a drawer somewhere i will bet

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    Default Re: Field marshal tunic

    Wow 2 million pounds dam for goring tunic. Ewan who are you addressing?

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    Default Re: Field marshal tunic

    That tunic looks legit. Love look of the Afrikorps tunics. 800 shit for boars, that a lot

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