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Gebirgsjager anorak

Article about: I found this at home: No patch etc. My father bought it in early 50' so repro no way... I saw this just in feldgrau or sumpftarn or eichentarn/white or eichentarn. This 3/1 front pocket vers

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    Default Gebirgsjager anorak

    I found this at home:

    No patch etc. My father bought it in early 50' so repro no way... I saw this just in feldgrau or sumpftarn or eichentarn/white or eichentarn. This 3/1 front pocket version and feldgrau/OD version looks quite unique for me...
    Does anybody has more information about them???

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    I'm guessing this is a civilian Windbluse. Key to identifying it would be to look for military marks inside the hood flap. I have two original military versions - one early and one late. The early example has manufacturer information and the late example is marked with an RB number. Original military examples are reversible with white on one side and various earth tones on the other side including tan, green and gray in several shades. Photos of any markings would help.

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    Absolut no markings...
    But civilian winbluse in totally WH cut, and knobs, etc???
    As I know civilian version has only 2 pockets... wwii axis reenactment forum • View topic - Pre-/Early War 2-Pocket Windbluse (Anorak)
    Why not custom WH version???

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    It is indeed very close to WH issue in construction. The key elements include material, markings and hardware on the cuffs. I cannot see any of these details with the photos provided. The "knobs" you are referring to I'm guessing are buttons. WH issue Windbluse usually have pressed paper buttons matching the color of the jacket on both sides. Let me yank out my Windblusen and see if I can get a shot of them that might help. NH

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    Here are some shots one of my Windbluse examples. It is marked size III and M43. There is no manufacturer name - just an RB number on the right inside hood flap. If you compare the two you will note some significant differences in construction and cut. So perhaps you have a custom tailored example or as I've suggested a very close civilian version. I have never seen a custom tailored Windbluse but I have seen several similar civilian examples. On the issue Bluse the material is very unusual. It is not two sides sewn together but rather one piece of cloth with the tan Tarnung color applied over the white cloth as a kind of coating. Perhaps there are some other site members with other examples of the Windbluse that match yours. I will try sending a note to long time collector Pat Kiser for his opinion.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Gebirgsjager anorak   Gebirgsjager anorak  

    Gebirgsjager anorak  

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    Buttons the same, but painted green inside. Buckle is the same too...

    Update: After I investigated the anorak. I found some additional information:
    -The light olive side was white! I moved the knot on the adjustment line, and it's white, where the knot covers ownself.
    -The lone pouch on the olive side, was a part of the triple pouches, but the winger pouches are removed... Just partly, beacuse there is still 2 pencil holder(?) on the both side.
    -There is a small embroidery on the olive side, maybe the owner's I.D.

    I try to make photos about them in the morning...
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    Servus Flippy,

    Looks like you have a standard issue Windbluse (anorak) that has been modified. The side with the single pocket was white at one time...looks like the neck flap is still white. These olive type Windbluse had a rubberized white paint on the reverse side. This rubberizdd coating tends to rub off after a time. I have both the Windbluse and Windhose in this pattern. The white side of my Windhose is in good shape, but the white side of my Windbluse is rubbing off.

    On the olive side of your Windbluse, the neck flap has been removed...and it is this flap that usually has markings on it. Hope that answers your questions.

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    It's maybe repainted too, beacuse the ajustment line was white:

    And buttons too:

    "IATI-II"??? What can it mean???

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    Well Flippy, there you have it! It does appear to be a modified issue Windbluse. I can only guess the original owner was irritated by the neck flap. It is possible to secure it with the ties but when worn open the neck flap and hood are quite loose. The pockets may have torn from use and been removed over time or just been modified again for simplicity. Attached - a photo from Newville, PA with an original Windbluse in use. You can see how loose it is when worn. Typically, we see period photos of soldiers with Windbluse that are a bit large and bulky. It looks like the original owner of your example wanted something a little bit tighter and smarter in appearance. NH
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Gebirgsjager anorak  

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    The threads on the skirt appear to be initials - maybe the owner's name? I have seen this done on other period jackets and Bluse. NH

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