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Gebirgsjager M36

Article about: I am looking at picking up a gebirgsjager tunic and was hoping I could acquire some expert opinions on the item. From what I can tell it is soiled and salty and being represented as authenti

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    Great point! I will inspect the stitching around the armpits.

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    I see the point about the armpit when we talk about a regulation post 1940 EM/NCO Feldbluse with machine sewn Hoheitsabzeichen...but when it comes to a privately purchase Officer tunic with embroidered and hand sewn Hoheitsabzeichen, i dont see any interest to check the armpit as there was no need to open it to apply the eagle...
    In my opinion, what should be checked is the shoulderstraps stitchings as they're sewn in...

    Concerning the Edelweiss is an original BeVo type meant for regulation Feldblusen, even those lent to Officers by the Corps....but in case of privately purchased tunics, the Edelweiss sewn to the sleeve must be the embroidered type...
    A lot of Gebirgsjäger Offiziere wore nice, thick and privately purchased Edelweisses...

    This said, that's a nice post 1941 (six buttons) privately purchased tunic which might be made of italian Officer gabardine, too bad there's no photo showing the back of the cloth, i would have confirmed it for sure...

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    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    Because if you look closely, it doesn't appear the Edelweiss has a point where it stops. Therefore, it would've to of been sown when the armpit stitching was open. Sorry if my explanation doesn't make perfect sense.
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    My editing of the photograph isn't the best, but again, if you look closely, their doesn't appear to be a point where the two points meet and form a knot. Thus, it had to of been sown when the sleeve was open, and making the viewing of the armpit possibly helpful. I should've noted this in my prior post J.P, but somewhat what I type doesn't transfer well from my thoughts.
    Gebirgsjager M36
    I could, however, be missing the points in which they meet. If that's so, I do apologize and would be grateful if someone would point it out.
    Add: I presently own two tunics which were restored recently. Both exhibit hand-sown sleeve eagles, and both, as well, have the knot that connects the thread in the sleeves interior. I assume the person who re-appied the insignia did this when restoring the shoulder boards. It is also worth stating both of them are pre-40's.

    "what should be checked is the shoulderstraps stitchings as they're sewn in..."

    That, of course, too. And it is a very good point. It may also be the reasoning for the seller hiding that side.
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    I was about to write about the Edelweiss but JP beatet me on that or,better,I did notice that he had already pointed out that detail.Judging tunics like this is always quite difficult.IMHO it would be much better to start with a OR/NCO combat tunic in the first place,that would get rid of many "whats" and "ifs",and leave Officer's grade tunics to the ones who can tell whether it's original or not once they've got it in their hands.

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    After asking for additional photos, the seller became defensive and arrogant. Looks like this adventure has come to an end. I also was suggesting the idea of a possible in person viewing of the tunic which got shot down. The seller misrepresented his location and seems to be operating in the shadows somewhere. Guys thank you for all your assistance once again.

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    A very good reason to walk away from this deal.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Hmmm i just spotted this, same one I presume??

    Original German WW2 Gebirgsjager Tunic

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    Pawel is the sellers "pen" name. Don't waste your time.

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    not Nowak by any chance

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