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General's DAK (tropical) cap

Article about: Hi, I was wondering if anyone can confirm/deny that general officers in north africa wore tropical field caps (M41 or M42) with gold piping/buttons, or did they just wear the standard cap? T

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    Default DAK Generals M40

    Hi Doug, Becks, as stated before, it was not regulation until 1943 that the cockade and national emblem had to be gilt, so before this date was optional. Generalfeldmarshalls up to the end of the war wore the old style shoulder boards and Litze, unless they was summoned to see AH then they wore the regulation gilt shoulder boards and the 3 prong Litze. Well the ?non nazis anyway.
    General's DAK (tropical) capGeneral's DAK (tropical) capGeneral's DAK (tropical) cap

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    Having trouble trying to attach picture from Headgear of a Hilters Germany page 60-61

    Regards SK

    BECKS will get back to you tomorrow.

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    Quote by dbatson View Post
    I am curious in that it appears to have an officer-style (non general officer) eagle
    There was no such thing as an officer's type of eagle. When it comes to tropical insignia there was only one eagle for both EM/NCOs and Officers, for their headgear and uniforms.
    If an officer wanted an officers type of eagle for his tunic or cap, he would have to use a continental example.
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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    General's DAK (tropical) capHere is an image of a general from discovery channels ww2 in color north afrika episode. The insignia seems to be standard tropical issue, the hat also has a soutache.

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    Becket, I don't want to rain on your parade, but I would really get some more informed opinions on your generals DAK M40 cap, apart from being ultra rare, they have been
    heavily faked, and there is a chance you might want to try and possibly get a refund......

    I am not a fan of the cap shown at the top of the page either (credit to Jack Angolia), soutache is way too thin, and a close look at that one would be warrented too.


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    Thanks for the feedback..

    Yes, I don't think i am ever going to get any closure on this issue.. Some people have said it looks good, while others have had their reservations. I need to show it to some experts but even that might not yield any consensus. :-) The problem is that they are so rare that many have never seen or handled one, hence reservations. Is what it is.

    I did not pay much for the cap, though more than what a replica would have cost.. I collect military and police hats, i have close to 500 by now.. It would be great if the hat was real, and in that case it really should belong in the collection of an individual that would really cherish it. Its a beautiful hat, a good addition to the collection.

    Which other hat were you referring to? the one that you thought that the soutache was skinny? which branch of service was it?

    Thanks again for the feedback.. No raining on my parade.. Learning new good things everyday.



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