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General's DAK (tropical) cap

Article about: Hi, I was wondering if anyone can confirm/deny that general officers in north africa wore tropical field caps (M41 or M42) with gold piping/buttons, or did they just wear the standard cap? T

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    Default General's DAK (tropical) cap

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can confirm/deny that general officers in north africa wore tropical field caps (M41 or M42) with gold piping/buttons, or did they just wear the standard cap? There is a photo of one purportedly belonging to General von Hulsen on the Wehrmact Awards forum, but from what I read it was never worn. Thanks in advance, and apologies if this question has been asked before.

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    Hi, that's is an interesting question, general officers insignia colour from Aluminium to Gilt changed in 1943 and the North Afrika campaign was all over in May 1943. So yes it was possible, but only a colour period picture would help to confirm. Please let me know how you get on with this link.
    Here is a link that may come to use. AFRIKA KORPS FORUM
    Regards SK

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    Thanks SK, I have a book around someplace that shows a photo (unfortunately in black and white) of Generalmajor Ulrich Kleemann wearing the tropical field cap with gold piping, whereas all lower officer ranks would be in aluminum. You are right, only period color photos would confirm the existence of such specimens.

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    Hi, tap his name into Wikipedia, you will see pics of him wearing that cap but black and white. Your'll properly find one of him in Italy wearing a gilt type. I would be surprised if Generals wore a gilt type in 43, their main concerns were the survival of the AK and their men, not a fashion statement.

    Name :Kleemann, UlrichRanking :General der Panzertruppe. Kommandeur der 8th Armee. Born :23-03-1892, Langensalza.Nationality :Germany.Died :03-01-1963, age 70, Oberursel.Buried :Oberursel, Taunus, Stadtfriedhof. Feld Z3- Grab 14/15. Awards list :

    Kleemann, Ulrich
    Ulrich Kleemann, born 23-03-1892 in Langensalza, joined the Army service, age 19, on 23-10-1911 as a Fahnenjunker in the Dragoner-Regiment 21. He is in the fields with this Regiment and soon wounded in hospital on 26-05-1915 and ends the war as an Adjutant. He was allowed in the new Reichswehr Cavalry Regiment after the war. On 01-01-1938 he was the commander of the 3rd Schützen Regiment. Promoted to Oberst on 01-10-1938 and from 04-09-1939 in the fields of World War II as commander of the 3rd Schützen Brigade. He received the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross on 13-10-1941 and is involved in heavy battles with Forces in the south of Smolensk. Major General from 01-11-1941 and in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know) of the OKH until 10-04-1942. He then is appointed to commander of the 90th Light Africa Division , former commander Generalmajor der Infanterie, Richard Veith until 28-04-1942, later succeeded by Oberst Werner Marcks on 18-06-1942. Marcks died age 71, on 27-07-1967, age 71 and Richard Veith died age 88 in 1978. Generalfeldmarschall, Erwin Rommel (see Rommel) was High Commander of the Africa Corps. . From 28-05-1943 commander of the and promoted to Lieutenant General on 10-06-1943. After the retreat of Italy of the WWII battlegrounds, he was ordered to disarm the Italian Forces in the Area of the Mediterranean Sea and awarded with the Oak Leaves. He was assigned as Commanding General of the LXXXXI Army corps, under Generalfeldmarschall der Kavallerie, Maximillian von Weichs (see von Weichs) and landed in the Führer Reserve from October 1944. In the same month he was promoted to General of the Panzertruppen and Commanding General of the IV Panzer Corps. The Panzer Corps was renamed in “Feldherrnhalle” on 28-11-1944. On 22-12-1944 he was commander of the 8th Army and landed in Allied captivity at the end of the war. The 8th Army was activated on 01-08-1939 with Generaloberst der Infanterie, Johannes Blaskowitz (see Blaskowitz)
    in command. First seeing service in Poland participated in heavy fights during Battle of Bzura, the army was later reorganised into the 2nd for the invasion of France, before later being reactivated as being part of the Ostfront in Russia. The army was involved in the defence of Hungary and Austria before finally surrendering.
    Released in 1947, Ulrich Kleemann retired in Oberursel, Taunus, where he at the age of 70 died, on 03-01-1963. He is buried on the Stadtfriedhof of Oberursel.
    Again let me know, I'm interested in all Heer General Officer Ranks and GFM.

    Regards SK

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    I have a reference from a book on the Afrika Korps that shows a date of July 1942 and states gold piping for general officers on the visored field cap......Pete.

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    Hi Pete,

    Looks like you have shown an "Old Dog" a new trick. With further investigation you are correct.

    The Tropical Field cap ( Tropeneinheitsfeldmutze) was officially introduced in 1941, it was piped along the front of the flap scallop and around the crown In silver for officers and gilt for Generals. It was optional for Officers to wear Silver or Gilt insignia.

    Reference from...Headgear of Hilter's Germany

    Regards SK

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    Thanks Pete and SK. I found the following link on the web. The third photo (in color) down depicts Ernst Schnarrenberger wearing what appears to be gold piping on his field cap:

    NAZI JERMAN: Foto Berwarna Jenderal dan Laksamana Wehrmacht

    As such, although they did in fact exist, I am assuming they must have been quite rare as I have yet to see an example on display, at a show, in a book, etc.

    The following link is from the Wehrmacht Awards forum and shows the only example that I've come across. It belonged to General Hulsen.

    Dak Generals Tunic. - Page 3 - Militaria Forums

    If anyone has additional photos of such a cap, I would appreciate it if they can post them.

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    As far as I am aware, no period pictures in colour exist that show a General in Africa wearing a tropical cap with gold piping, only some in B&W, which do not answer the question asked. The example on the WAf is a one of a kind as far as I am aware, though logic dictates that others almost certainly existed and perhaps more examples will one day surface.

    I have this example in my collection which is thought to be an Italian made movie prop from the 60's, though no evidence has ever been shown to prove it either way. Whatever the case, it does not match the only known period example or those for other officer ranks, but perhaps such a cap might have been tailored in theater and as such would be a one off. The cloth used is very similar to that used on French made KM tropical caps, but again proves nothing.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture General's DAK (tropical) cap   General's DAK (tropical) cap  



    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Hi, the Rommel picture shows him wearing a standard non Africa tunic, the Luftwaffe General has no collar insignia, just breast eagle and what looks like Major Gen boards.

    I do not know what Language its written in and can not read it.

    Pic No 3 shows him wearing a Tropical cap, but it is hard to see it is in Gilt. Did you notice the Colonel/ Major on the right hand side has lost his arm!

    Have lost my details for that Forum so can not sign in at the moment to see this uniform, but will re apply.

    Regards SK

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    Hi Jerry, that is a nice looking cap, nice long peak as it should be, did this cap come with any insignia? Or traces of any? Yes It well could be a tailor made cap and be original period item. Have you not showed it to someone like our Stonemint ?

    By the way you have a wonderful collection of caps and hats.

    Regards SK

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