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German leather coat arrived today

Article about: Also arrived today this leather coat german ww2 i think used by all the branches like luftwaffe kriegsmarine and wehrmacht i think its ok by the looks and the style they put some fur inside

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    There are also traces of shoulder boards.

    German leather coat arrived todayGerman leather coat arrived today

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    Thus jacket looks very much like a jacket I sold to a guy in Holland some years ago. Any chance of posting a picture of te label inside? Did you buy the jacket by any chance from a guy in Axel (Holland)?

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    No there are no labels inside the jacket you sold was als german ww2 and used by what branche?
    The jacket comes from a guy but not Axel.

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    I would say grey or grey green would be Army but i do believe the navy also wore grey greatcoats . Also check inside the pockets , I've found a makers label in the pocket of mine .

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    I have checked no labels but maybe removed or somthing , so i think i can use this jacket for a nice officers display.

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    Would the Navy have had the pebbled buttons? It looks to be an Army coat, in my opinion. And a fairly nice one at that!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Mine was very much the same, with the same holes on the shoulders and the same color. But if I recall it had a label, but I cant remember if it was in the neck or in the pocket. I sold it to a guy in the south of Holland, who had a antique motor cycle and wanted to wear the jacket on his old bike.
    Mine was the same strange greyish color with the same buttons and holes on the shoulders. Thats why I asked if you bought it of a guy in or arround Axel. Maybe I still have some photos of my jacket somewhere, and we can compare.

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    Not a hard and fast rule, but typical indicators of a LW Mantel are an O-ring to clip the dagger to and the lack of a collar clasp (the LW could wear theirs open).
    WH usually have a dagger hanger (which this one does), so I would say Army.

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    Here some more pics you mean the ring on the pic?There is also no collor clasp check the pics.

    German leather coat arrived todayGerman leather coat arrived todayGerman leather coat arrived today

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    I would think it would have the anchor buttons if Navy used so my moneys on a Heer coat

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