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German and other insignia, hats

Article about: I am sorry that some non-German stuff is in the picture causing me to be a bit off topic. Unfortunately, I wasn't in control of the photography situation. Some of this I have a pretty good i

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    One must spend money to make money..and we do realize these photos are all that you were given. The issue here is that it would be hard for collectors here to make a dollar out of $.99 cents...the same would apply to the printing images in black and white coin magazines. Although you are quite correct that coins are harder to replicate...but in the case of the coin..condition needs to be seen clearly as this would set the stage for the value of the coin..where as condition ,,construction..and the use of period materials makes world of difference to the collectors eye.
    I am not trying to be mean or difficult with your they are not your fault..but it should be expected that you will only get a partial authentication..due to the clarity of the photos. This can not be helped and the collectors here will not make a 100% judgement on 60% photos. We see this all the time but try to give the best analysis..or a direction a new collector may need to go in. Bottom line.................We dont want to give you false information as Third Reich items are being pumped out daily..and rather good a discerning eye and clear photos will give you at least a 96% benefit in your favor Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    I totally understand, Larry. In fact, I'm grateful that people would rather not make a judgment than offer one that they don't have faith in. When I was asked to help with this, I made the problem clear to my friend, and then he told me about the conditions and situation (way too much, totally disorganized and not enough time), and I understood (though I was naturally disappointed). So, I get what I get and I'm grateful for it. People have been a huge help; my process is so much farther along than it was before.

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